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Davina Catt  |   11 May 2023

While most of us are inclined to get our supplement fix by overloading bathroom cabinets as soon as we spot a tell-tale sign of aging – from minor skin pigmentation to fine grey hairs with issues such as fertility between – the benefits of supplements are actually best experienced from teen years onwards as part of a daily lifestyle routine.

It was as far back as the early 1940s that supplements first appeared in local chemist stores and research now shows that multivitamin or mineral supplements make up 40% of all vitamin sales.

From bone health, to heart, muscles, nerves and other organs, your body needs calcium, iron, Vitamin D and folate (at least) to function properly, maintain strong bones, reduce high blood pressure and even avoid birth defects.

In this round-up we’re working with the incredible product team at Deavocado. They’ve developed a pin-point precision fertility supplement range for men and women looking to conceive, using patented avocado-based formulas. Alongside this superstar all-Italian organic component are powerful micronutrients like zinc, myo-inositol and methylfolate. So they’re fantastically-placed to tell us what’s-what, when it comes to micronutrient focus, depending on our body’s requirements.

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When looking at supplements for the whole household, there are a few specifics to take into account. Take a look at your supplement shelf. Are you kitted out for these life stages?



Teen years are some of the most important as far as taking supplements go – as the growing and changing body fast absorbs the bodies’ natural nutrients – right up to puberty and beyond. Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron are some of the most important.

Vitamin D: The NHS recommends children over four take 10 micrograms of Vitamin D each day. We need vitamin D because it helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in our bodies – these are vital for the health of the bones, teeth, muscles, and connective tissue. For teens, not getting enough vitamin D may hamper normal development.

Iron: Iron is essential for youngsters, particularly girls starting to get their periods. Lack of iron, particularly due to blood loss at menstrual times of the month, can lead to anaemia.

Calcium: Calcium is vital for the healthy development of bones and teeth. During teenage years you’ll need to make sure you’re getting enough calcium to continue growing and developing as normal. Not getting enough calcium as a child can cause rickets, so it’s an important vitamin to have in any growing child’s diet.


Young, active women still need to fill the gaps in a good diet through vitamin supplements.

Antioxidants including group Vitamin A – retinol, beta, carotene – Vitamin C, Vitamin E. They protect you from free radicals, can support the immune system and slow the ageing process.

Beta Carotene – your body changes it to Vitamin A once processed – a nutrient that helps eyesight, soft tissue and skin.

Other essential vitamins include Vitamin B, C, E, Folic Acid, Vitamin K.

Note: A lot of these Vitamins are now key ingredients/components of luxury skincare – whilst applying topically can support the skin and ageing process, they should not be used instead of daily supplements.

Women during fertility

For women in the attempting to conceive stage, upping your vitamin take is essential. Whilst Deavocado emphasises the importance of adopting a nutrient rich diet and supplement base from a young age, their range of Avocado superfoods can protect a woman’s fertility from any age. Try from the Deavocado award winning range, including the Conceive Intensive Support food supplement, an enhanced formula based on avocado, zinc, folic acid, Vits B12, B6, Coenzyme Q10, as well as Inositol, a stereo isomeric compound that plays an important biological role at the endogenous level.


For those already pregnant, aim for neonatal vitamins, which will support both parent and unborn child with nutrients at this vital time. Try the Daily Support Food Supplement with micronutrients, avocado and coenzyme Q10. All Deavocado products aim to support women through the whole fertility process from gestating foetus to quality of breast milk.


Research shows males are just as prone to common immune deficiencies as women – science shows that family history, stress levels, and activity level also all play a part in men’s vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin D has been proven to boost healthy testosterone levels in men, which also can lead to sleep deprivation, low energy, slow-ed metabolism. Vitamin D supports heart and bone health.

Magnesium is a mineral that is important for bodily functions – including muscle function, protein synthesis, nerve function – upping your magnesium intake can help support blood levels of testosterone too.

Astaxanthin is known as ‘The Coral King’ but is actually sourced from Himalayan water fed algae, not coral. It is a powerful carotenoid with antioxidant properties supporting the heart, brain, skin and eyes.

Omega 3 is a popular form of polyunsaturated fatty acids renowned for health benefits including improved support cardiovascular health and joint health – most men consume far more Omega 6 than Omega 3 so a balanced ratio is advised.

Multivitamin – the foundational vitamin that targets common nutritional deficiencies to have everything you need in one supplement.

For men on a journey with partners – try the targeted Deavocado Semen Support Cellular Antioxidant food supplement with micronutrients, avocado, coenzyme Q10 and methylfolate. The niche formula focuses on natural reproductive function and excellent metabolic support.


People on a plant-based diet

Nutritional research shows that with the meteoric rise in plant based food products and the appeal of adopting a plant based lifestyle, many of our nutritional reserves are being lost in the process.

Vitamin B12 – the recommended daily intake is 2.4 mcg for adults, 2.6 mcg for those pregnant and 2.8 mcg for those breastfeeding per day. Whilst some plant based foods contain some form of vitamin B12 naturally, it is still not proven whether this form is active in humans – so get supplement-ing!

Long chain Omega 3’s – these play a vital role in your brain and eyes – these are also important for brain development, reducing inflammation, depression, and preventing brain cancer.

Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D2, Zinc and Iodine also need to be checked.

Made with 100% Italian avocados and naturally occurring nutrients, all Deavocado supplements are lactose and gluten-free.

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