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A pelvic health therapist’s bedside drawer faves (from the intimate health brand doing things differently)

Emma Harpham and Suzanne Carney  |   7 Nov 2023

It’s no secret that team TRB are huge fans of  YES® (AH! YES® in the US) and their incredible range of safe, gentle, and healthy products created for your most intimate areas. Read our introduction to their hero product, and find out how saying YES to glycerine-free, organic lube can improve your most intimate well-being. 

And we’re not the only ones. 100% organic intimate health brand YES® turns 20 this year, and we’ve partnered with clinical specialist pelvic health physiotherapist and long-time lover of YES® Suzanne Carney, for an expert look into why these organic intimate health products are an absolute must-have for your bedside drawer (and bathroom cabinet) – no matter your life stage.

You can skip straight down to her favourite products, and use code TRB20 for an exclusive 20% off.

The intimate health brand with a difference

In 2003, YES® was founded to provide sexual intimacy products that promote positive intimate health, and are mindful of vaginal pH whilst also delivering on comfort. Basically, there was a gap in the intimate wellbeing space for products that actually worked to nourish women’s bodies, elevate and enhance their sexual experience, and ease discomfort related to vaginal conditions.

Nowadays, YES® is still doing things differently. Their world-first lube, vaginal moisturisers and intimate washes are certified organic – given that 60% of what we put onto our skin (and into our vaginas) can be absorbed into the bloodstream, that’s pretty important, we think!

And if that wasn’t enough, we love that YES® actively seeks to educate and start conversations around vaginal dryness. Whether that’s due to breastfeeding, menopause, or medication, we couldn’t agree more that normalising discussion around the condition is often half the battle.

YES® essentials – according to a pelvic health therapist

Suzanne Carney is a clinical specialist pelvic health physiotherapist. She founded Anatomy Physiotherapy based in the west of Ireland after completing her masters in continence and women’s health physiotherapy in Australia. 

In addition to pelvic health, she developed a huge interest in physiotherapy for breastfeeding mums, and introduced these services to Ireland after returning from Down Under. Connect with her and access her fantastic Instagram content here

For her, YES® ticks all the boxes.

Over to Suzanne.

YES recommended lube suzanne carney

Why YES® is clinician-approved

For many years now, YES® is the only brand I will recommend to my patients for a lot of reasons – not least that it is founded by two strong women with the goal of normalising the conversation around vaginal dryness!

I like that YES® is easily accessible worldwide for my patients and that there are only natural, organic, non-irritating ingredients in the products. The packaging is also classy and well-designed. 

As a clinician, it is reassuring that YES® liaises closely with health professionals and the sample packets that YES® provide are ideal for patients to experiment with and decide which ones suit them best.

The YES® products in my bedside drawer (that I’ll always recommend to patients)

1. YES® Vaginal Moisturiser

This is my most recommended product as it is applicable for all women regardless of age and pelvic health issue. It is ideal for menopausal women, breastfeeding mums, women post gynae surgery or radiation or anyone dealing with vaginal dryness in general. 

I really like that it comes in a variety of applicators allowing for internal and external use in the vagina and vulva. Patients report that a little goes a long way, it offers comfort and is non-irritating.

YES vaginal moisturizer

2. YES® Water Based Lubricant

This is my product of choice for patients who need extra lubrication for intercourse when condoms are also being used. It is pH matched to the vagina which means comfort for the user. 

YES® WB is also what I recommend to patients who need to use internal release wands or vaginal dilators for pelvic floor therapy.

YES waterbased lube

3. YES® Oil Based Lubricant 

This is the ideal consistency and texture for pregnant women to complete perineal massage. Perineal massage is thought to help reduce the risk of tearing during childbirth by preparing the vaginal opening for the stretch and pressure that occurs during a vaginal birth. It is best to start around 34 weeks of pregnancy.

Again, it supports good intimate health and doesn’t negatively impact pH, as well as being long-lasting, which works really well for intercourse without condoms.

Whether you’re dealing with vaginal dryness, looking for fertility-friendly lube, or are preparing for birth with perineal massage, YES® has your back. 

Snag Suzanne’s essential organic intimate health products here (for an exclusive 20% off use code TRB20) and here in the US (also 20% off with code TRB20).

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