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Weight loss for men – my 35 pound loss so far, and everything to know about GLP-1 and Blokes

Jessie Day, in partnership with Blokes  |   3 Jan 2024

Depending on when you connected with The Ribbon Box, you may have read a little of Jack Edington’s story and profile before landing on GLP-1 for weight loss. 

Married to our founder and CEO, Eloise, so far the focus has been on family-building and fertility – read up on the background – but this year, Jack’s been testing a cutting-edge GLP-1 for weight loss option, with the team at Blokes

At The Ribbon Box, our focus is female health, fertility, and whole-family wellbeing – and with male obesity on a steady year-on-year increase in the US, and linked to a concerning spectrum of health problems, family wellbeing very much includes your male partner, if you have one. 

For Jack, weight loss has been a personal journey for over 20 years. As yet, nothing had made a dynamic, lasting impact, prior to trialing GLP-1 drugs for weight loss, under the expert one-to-one care of team Blokes

At the time of writing, Jack’s lost 35 pounds in five weeks, and has successfully reduced his BMI – super-important for whole-body health as a self-employed busy dad of three, with two on the way. Here’s the quick run-down on GLP-1 for weight loss with Blokes, how to get started, and Jack’s review and experience, as a real-life tester. Spoiler, he’s over the moon. 

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glp-1 drugs for weight loss

What does GLP-1 do? The quick Q&A with Blokes

Before kicking off Jack’s review and experiences, here are the web’s top questions on GLP-1 drugs for weight loss, covered by the team at Blokes. 

What are the key medications, semaglutide and tirzepatide?

These are GLP-1 analogue peptides, which help control high blood sugar, reduce appetite and improve control of eating by reducing food cravings, making them a powerhouse for healthy weight loss. 

Trial results from major published studies show recipients on a weekly dose had a mean weight loss of 15-20%, at 68 weeks.

What are some of the benefits?

A really wide spectrum, but alongside weight loss, the key results and benefits we see include: 

  • reduced risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke
  • lower blood pressure
  • improved mobility and pain reduction
  • improved mood, sleep, and self-esteem 

How can GLP-1 meds support weight loss for men?

By improving insulin sensitivity and metabolic health, these medications  help your body actually use the food you input as fuel, instead of storing it. 

They also trigger GLP-1 receptors in your brain to alter cravings, providing what we like to call ‘food freedom’ – you cease to be controlled by food cravings or restrictions, and are more able to eat intuitively, with less stress or guilt attached to the choices you’re making. 

Anything we should be aware of, upfront?

The point of GLP-1 medications is to aid in healthy and sustainable weight loss. We strongly encourage upgraded lifestyle choices to go alongside the medication. Contraindications for semaglutide and tirzepatide are pregnancy, breastfeeding, disordered eating and medullary thyroid cancer. 

What’s the step-by-step for getting started?

It’s easy! Start online with Blokes (treatment for men) or Joi (for women), by filling out a health history form. Once eligibility is confirmed based on this information, your personalized treatment will be shipped to your door. Blokes also offer free consults to answer any questions, or help with the first injection. 

Any lifestyle changes to factor in?

Typically, we recommend prioritizing protein and fiber, cutting out processed foods, limiting alcohol, moving your body daily, and staying hydrated.

How do you navigate side effects?

Team Blokes starts people out on a low dose, titrating up to limit negative side effects. The goal is to lose weight slowly, while upgrading your lifestyle choices. 

Jack’s story, and review

Kicking off our GLP-1 weight loss reviews, here’s Jack’s experience. 

For reference, Jack is 38, a self-employed dad of three and had a starting weight loss goal of 84 pounds (around 6 stone). 

glp-1 for weight loss reviews

Can you tell us about your weight loss journey, before GLP-1?

Sure. I’ve been ‘heavy’ probably for the last 20 years, and now having children and thinking about our long-term future as a family, I want to be as fit and healthy as I can. Carrying on as I was, I would have had to deal with a list of medical complications, due to obesity. 

I didn’t need help with knowing what to eat – I know that a lot of chocolate is bad and I know that having seven roast potatoes with my Sunday lunch won’t do me any favors in regards to my weight. All of the ‘fad diets’ I’ve tried and failed at seem to say one thing – reduce your intake, cut out most carbs, reduce alcohol and do more exercise – simple right? 

Well for me, that’s incredibly tough. I didn’t feel satisfied until I was full to the brim with food. This is where Blokes came in, and I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 35 pounds (2.5 stone) so far

I have a long way to go towards my goal of 84 pounds, but it’s a really good start and more importantly, I’m learning what my body actually needs rather than what it wants. When I feel full after only a few bites of food, I’d rather eat a balanced plate because I know I’ve fed my body the nutrients it requires to function and thrive

You do still need to have the self-control to reach for an apple over a Mars bar, though.

weight loss for men over 40

How did you get on with the self injections?

I’ve not been able to inject myself as I shake too much, but my wonderful wife is very used to self-injecting (following five rounds of IVF), and she does it for me. If you need tips on this, she’s the one to ask – and the team at Blokes are incredibly helpful too. 

Did you change up your diet and lifestyle, alongside?

Absolutely, and for me this is a really important part of it. 

On a side note, I need knee replacements too, so exercise is limited. I’m following the keto diet, which cuts my sugar intake and significantly reduces carbs, as well as taking these regular injections. I’ve also given up drinking alcohol, for the most part. 

Any side effects?

I did quite a bit of reading on this, and I’m happy to say that I haven’t had any side effects, so far. 

As part of my personal plan, Blokes have started me off on a lower dosage, which will double every month up to six months into treatment. The only side effect I’ve noticed is that when I look at some baby back ribs, all I really feel like eating is a carrot?

How was the guidance and support from the team?

Faultless. All questions are answered quickly and efficiently, and the support staff are on the end of email or phone, whenever you need them.

How long did it take to see results?

As I have an aggressive diet plan alongside this, I saw results within a couple of weeks. I’d already lost about a stone before starting, but now having just completed my fifth week I’ve lost a further 21 pounds. 

It’s been at least 15 years since I’ve seen the scales read under 250 pounds. So this is a dynamic change – and big deal – for me. 

glp-1 for weight loss

Any emotional or psychological impact?

I mean, I’m delighted by how it’s going. I’m a pretty pragmatic guy and let myself be guided by science over anything else.

Identifying as male, do you feel there are stigmas around the weight loss process?

Generally speaking – and from my experience – the majority of diet plans are produced by and for females, and it seems to be a very female-led industry. I could be wrong, but at well-known branded weight loss sessions I’ve been to, I’m often the only male in there. 

Funnily enough I’ve found support on my journey from US-led social media. It speaks to me, because it’s created by people who get to the point quickly, without the fluff.

Aside from the weight loss – and other benefits?

I need to lose about six stone, so I’ll have to come back to you once I’ve lost a few more pounds! My doctor has congratulated me, however, on reducing my BMI, which has a significant positive impact on my liver health. 

Can you tell us about your 1-1 progress check?

Yes! It was excellent. Blokes set me up to connect with a doctor for a very informative general progress check. This was a convenient and snappy conversation – just a few minutes in my case but could have been longer if needed. 

Alongside the core numbers, we focused on muscle loss, making sure that I’m doing the right strength and conditioning exercises to address any issues. And I have the option to book a follow-up consultation, whenever needed.

Keen to get started? Connect with Blokes and fill in the super-quick online health profile as step one on a game-changing health and wellness journey.

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