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Kristina Lopez, in partnership with Zita West  |   14 Apr 2023

Words by Kristina Lopez, US Editor 

World-renowned for her fertility expertise and holistic care, Zita West’s fertility supplement line is a UK best-seller, trusted by parents-to-be and those just starting out on their TTC journey for the gold standard in targeted nutrition. 

The journey from dreaming about a family of your own to actually having one can seem as long as the world is wide. From fertility issues to balancing hormones to a healthy pregnancy, how you prepare your body to conceive is key. 

Zita West has long set the bar in the UK for fertility supplements which target crucial milestones in conception, early pregnancy and specific deficiencies. Every supplement is formulated with high-quality holistic ingredients, backed by scientific research and which prioritize health and wellness in a child’s first 1,000 days – from conception to their second birthday – which is the most crucial time for brain and general physical development. 

The focus on micronutrients that support optimal male and female reproductive health is at the core of every supplement and resource Zita West offers. Overall, their commitment to excellence and emphasis on a holistic approach to fertility makes Zita West the gold standard go-to fertility supplement brand for those looking to conceive and start a family. 

But when you don’t know where to look, it can still feel like an uphill battle more often than not. Places like the UK have more convenient access to fertility treatments than the US. and many travel abroad to find the answer to their fertility questions when they hit a roadblock and don’t know where else to look. Fortunately, supporting your fertility just got a lot easier thanks to Zita West making their way across the pond to come to you.

So you can be prepared to ‘Add To Cart’ once you finish reading about how Zita West is supporting your fertility needs in the U.S., they are offering our readers 10% off with code TRB10* at checkout.

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Who is Zita West? 

Zita West specializes in fertility health by supporting women bringing babies into the world as a midwife and helping couples find the best ways to conceive. She founded the Zita West Clinic in London in 2001, where she launched the first IVF program that achieved proven success with some of the best pregnancy rates in the UK. Zita now offers fertility health consultancy and supports couples through male and female fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum through her online brand of supplements, skincare, and educational resources.

Now, Zita is sharing her mission to empower individuals and couples in the U.S. to take control of their fertility health and find the best personal solutions for their journey toward parenthood.

Coming To An Address Near You

In the United States, fertility treatments and reproductive healthcare are expensive. There’s a reason why people take fertility vacations to places like the UK or Prague to take IVF treatments and have a mini-vacation at the cost of what one treatment would be in the States. This is why Zita is so passionate about launching Zita West supplements for U.S. customers. Now you can get fertility supplements and access to other products and resources anywhere in the U.S. with fast shipping and delivery. 

There are supplements available for men and women as well as personal skin care and product bundles that are specifically designed for different stages of your fertility journey. From the Male Foundation Fertility Support Pack to the Ultimate Female IVF Support Pack to the Comfort Down Under Postnatal Perineal Care Balm, Zita West products are available to help you through every stage of pre-pregnancy, perinatal, and postpartum. 

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Team Recommendations

Here at The Ribbon Box, we are always so excited to share personal recommendations. We’ve been able to try some of Zita West’s fertility and conception supplements on our own fertility journeys. We have some great personal insight, so we wanted to share that with you—especially since the Zita West shop is now available for our U.S. friends. (Disclaimer: Always talk to your fertility doctor before adding any supplement to your routine.)

Chatting through her thoughts on Zita West’s Inositol and Folate supplement, The Ribbon Box UK Editor, Jessie Day, says,

“After an early miscarriage, I researched fertility nutrition and discovered the benefits of Inositol. But finding a formula with an effective dose and great bioavailability proved challenging, until I found Zita West’s products. After a bit more delving, I decided to  book a consult with Zita herself, following another early miscarriage. Zita’s support transformed my TTC journey, and I still use the Inositol supplement to this day to support future fertility, now in my late 30s.”

Zita West’s Inositol and Folate supplement plays a crucial role in both male and female reproductive health. Studies show that Myo-inositol can improve reproductive outcomes by supporting gamete development, oocyte maturation, and fetal development. For women with PCOS or irregular cycles, it can help regulate menstruation and improve egg quality. Men can benefit from its ability to improve sperm quality and concentration.

So Much More Than Medicine

It’s worth noting that Zita West’s holistic approach to fertility health goes beyond just supplements. The Zita West IVF diet is famous for its focus on providing the nutrients and vitamins needed to support fertility, particularly to enhance the body’s resilience and health during IVF cycles. Zita’s book, The IVF Diet, includes fertility-focused recipes with plenty of healthy fats, protein, and vegetables while avoiding processed foods and alcohol. There’s also lifestyle advice to improve your psychological and emotional mindset to help you conceive and stay healthy throughout pregnancy and parenthood. 

Acupuncture is another key aspect of Zita West’s comprehensive approach to fertility health. Studies on the ancient practice have been shown to improve blood flow to reproductive organs and reduce stress and anxiety, both of which have a positive impact on fertility. By incorporating these holistic elements into key moments in your fertility journey alongside Zita West supplements—like leading up to your cycle, before and after embryo transfer, and during the two-week wait for IVF— some research has shown that it can help increase IVF success rates on the of the day of the embryo transfer.

Zita West is a trusted brand in the UK and now they want to build that trusting community among those looking for fertility and pregnancy support in the United States. The launch of Zita West for the U.S. market is a significant milestone for anyone seeking accessible fertility help and pregnancy support. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to get high-quality products from the Zita West shop and take control of your fertility journey. Place US orders with an exclusive offer of 10% off today and start your journey toward a healthy pregnancy with code TRB10*.

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*Code TRB10 is valid once per customer only. Excludes subscription purchase. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Zita West terms of the site apply.

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