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That’s a wrap! Almost – here’s everything I’ve taken from the Zita West Supplements line (before, during and closing out my twins IVF pregnancy)

Jessie Day, in partnership with Zita West Products  |   14 Mar 2024

If you know Eloise Edington – TRB founder and IVF mum of three (soon to be five!) – you’ll know all about her loyalty to the Zita West vitamins and minerals supplement line. For Eloise, this is the range that’s seen her through several rounds of IVF (with donor sperm), three pregnancies and postpartum life. 

We work with lots of amazing brands, and are fortunate enough to have tried and loved some of the world’s most advanced, researched and effective formulas. But for the one-stop-shop – no stone unturned – approach to fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health, Zita West Supplements are a team go-to, every time. 

Eloise’s supplement list, from start to finish

You asked, so here they are. Each and every formula Eloise has taken from the best-selling, world-renowned line before, during and closing out this pregnancy. Including the top-searched Zita West Vital DHA, for prenatal omega-3 support, and Vital Essence 3, her third trimester pregnancy multi. 

Looking for the Zita West discount code? TRB readers get 10% off the entire Zita West supplement range (US and UK), with code TRB10* at checkout. 

Psyllium husk (before, during and after pregnancy)

Eloise says: Soluble fibre is so important, I’ve learned, pre and during pregnancy, and after. Psyllium husk is a fantastic, effective and inexpensive form, and helps to keep bowel movements regular, and the microbiome happy. 

Dietary support: We love adding psyllium husk to smoothies, as well as this fantastic high-fibre banana bread, for a yummy and supportive snack. You could also go for flax seeds to get an alternative fix, plus whole grains, and passion fruit is also a great source. 

zita west supplements psyllium husk

Get yours: Get psyllium husk on its own or as part of a pack here, and read up on all the whys in our IVF preparation checklist

zita west supplements CoQ10

CoQ10 (before pregnancy)

Eloise says: Being in my late 30s, prenatal egg quality was a big focus for me, going into my last round of IVF. CoQ10 is a superstar in this department, and a Zita West customer favourite. Plus, the form used here is Kaneka Ubiquinol – the highly absorbable form of CoQ10 – for an added punch and better bioavailability. 

Dietary support: You’d be hard-pressed to get a dynamic amount of CoQ10 from diet alone, if you’re looking for targeted results and fertility support. So we recommend going for a supplement alongside, once you’ve checked in with a qualified nutritionist. Dietary sources do include good quality meat (particularly beef), fish, nuts and seeds. 

Get yours: Get CoQ10 on its own or as part of a pack here, and read more about the benefits in our IVF preparation checklist

Femceive (before pregnancy)

Eloise says: Femceive is a pioneering fertility-friendly bacteria supplement, specifically formulated to support balanced endometrial-vaginal microbiome, particularly important for healthy implantation. 

Whether you’re on an IVF journey, like me, or trying to conceive naturally, implantation is pivotal, so I love having this specific support. 

Dietary support: Catch our video with Zita West herself here, for a packed list of tips and tricks to support your endometrial-vaginal microbiome

zita west supplements Femceive

Get yours: Get Femceive on its own or part of a pack here.

zita west supplements Vitamin D

Vitamin D (during pregnancy)

Eloise says: Vitamin D deficiency is super-common here in the UK and many parts of the world, and given this has been almost entirely a winter pregnancy, I needed the boost! 

Dietary support: Again, it’s pretty tricky to get sufficient amounts of vitamin D from diet and lifestyle alone – the best natural source is plenty of sunlight, and food sources only provide minimal amounts. A spray supplement is a fantastic way to stay topped up through pregnancy, and a bit of (safe) sun exposure on fine days really helps, too. 

Get yours: Get Vitamin D on its own or as part of a pack here.

Vital DHA (during and after pregnancy)

Eloise says: Vital DHA packs in a rich boost of omega-3s, plus a little zinc, supporting development of each baby’s brain during pregnancy and early infancy. I’ll plan to continue it into the fourth trimester too, for all the benefits while breastfeeding. 

Dietary support: Good quality oily fish – think salmon, mackerel and sardines – are the very best food source, plus nuts and seeds like walnuts and chia, for a plant-based boost. 

zita west supplements Vital DHA

Get yours: Get Vital DHA on its own or as part of a pack here.

zita west supplements Vital Essence 3

Vital Essence 3, 2 & 1 (during pregnancy)

Eloise says: These are my ride-or-die pregnancy multivitamins of choice – I just love how there’s a separate formula, specifically created for each trimester. When you’ve been on a fertility journey, these milestones and targeted support are really vital (literally!)  

I’m on Vital Essence 3 at the moment – the third trimester multi – which has just been released in a new formula for even more cutting-edge support, but in simplified two-capsule dose. 

Dietary support: Read up on all-round pregnancy nutrition for the 101 tick-off list for all your macro and micronutrient bases. 

Get yours: Get Vital Essence 1, 2 and 3 on their own or part of a pack here.

Lactakalm (after pregnancy)

Eloise says: I’m excited to try this one after pregnancy when my twins arrive, for an early-days breastfeeding boost. I know (from lots of experience!) how important it is to hit the ground running with breastfeeding health and support, so this one is packed in my hospital bag, ready to get started. 

Dietary support: The bacteria strain in Lactakalm has been carefully selected, because of its complementary properties to human breast milk. It may be tricky to identify this specific strain (Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716) in your shopping list, but great microbiome-supporting options include fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, as well as kefir and kombucha, plus good quality live yoghurt. 

zita west supplements Lactakalm

Get yours: Get Lactakalm on its own or as part of a pack here.

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