The me-shaped benefit 92% want to see.

Fertility Help

The me-shaped benefit 92% want to see.

2 in 3 would prefer hormone testing and support to a gym membership.

That’s a lot. And it doesn’t surprise us, because in today’s workplace culture, one size fits (just about) nobody. We launched The Ribbon Box – now a 6 million monthly online community – on that basis. 

Being well is a journey, and so is family building. We thrive at work, thanks to the right support, at the right time.    

Open our corporate benefits packages, for: 

  • better retention 
  • you-shaped benefits the best talent want to see
  • a safe space for your people, taking the load off HR

What are people asking for, in 2024?

Here’s the top line. While navigating infertility, new parenthood or a health concern,


Feel completely alone, and isolated during their fertility journey at work.


Think their benefits are out-of-touch, and generic.


Can’t talk openly and safely to their HR/manager about their fertility journey.


Have taken time off work (paid/unpaid), to deal with period, PCOS, endo & menopause symptoms.

And yet,

  • IVF for same-sex couples is up 33%
  • 1 in 7 heterosexual couples deal with infertility
  • 6.2 million experience severe period pain (5.2 million experience severe bleeding)

It just doesn’t work, however you slice it.

Unbox your corporate partnership

Member-only content

Member-only content

Always cutting-edge, collaborating with experts at the top of their game. Give your employees access to top-rated, tailored weekly content, locked inside our members-only space.

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From egg freezing cost break-downs (a top Google search), to key takeaways from the best-loved fertility books and resources, we’ll deliver rich, demand-led content your team can’t access elsewhere.

Exclusive codes & access

Exclusive codes & access

From buzz-worthy products and Insta/TikTok trending faves to testing, treatment, egg/sperm freezing and much more.

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We’ve negotiated exclusive offers and discounts for your people to tap into, saving money, time, and stress. These are only available through The Ribbon Box, as part of our corporate partnership, and all in one place for your team to pick and choose from.

Monthly eGuide releases

Monthly eGuide releases

Access to 4 downloadable eGuides – updated and re-edited every month by team TRB – each page rich with exclusive offer codes and support.

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Tailored editorial, with a guide to cover each core need and topic:
– Wellbeing
– Fertility
– Pregnancy
– Parenting

We create these eGuides in collab with world-leading experts, providing authoritative, focused and easy-to-digest information to refer back to time and time again.

Concierge support

Concierge support

Your team’s self-service support option. As part of our corporate membership, our concierge area allows people to speak with us directly, and connect with experts, mentors and therapists who can help.

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From a clinical specialist to testing access, we provide connections and open pathways, signposting how to start a diagnosis, treatment or support process.

Live sessions & clinics

Live sessions & clinics

Quarterly expert-led online events covering high-demand themes across wellbeing, fertility, pregnancy and parenting.

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All run digitally, so that employees can join anonymously, with leading panellists and trusted experts from across the globe.
We tailor and create these presentations alongside our hosting experts, delivering live to your people and sharing the final edit across the membership portal, to watch back.

We have the network, and we know the very best brands and clinics.

Need something bespoke? Let’s make it happen.


Experts we work with

Zita West

“I’m Zita, founder of the Zita West Clinic, Zita West Products, and Baba West. I’ve been helping couples achieve their fertility goals for over 20 years, and I’ve known and worked with Eloise since she founded The Ribbon Box.

Our continued partnership allows me to share my medical and mindset expertise to help even more people on their fertility and pregnancy journeys.” – Zita West

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The Ribbon Box was built and launched through our own experiences at work – from navigating donor conception, to handling loss. 

We have the network and we know the very best brands, therapists and clinics. But crucially, we walk in these shoes and know this world, inside out. 

Prepped and primed to be your partner in all-things workplace fertility, wellbeing and family building, we’re excited to get started. 

Need something bespoke? Let’s make it happen.

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