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Why is the Czech Republic an IVF Hot Spot?

Eloise Edington  |   13 Oct 2021

Czechia is a frequently chosen IVF destination and more and more patients have decided to put their trust in the hands of Czech fertility doctors. Still not sure whether you should have your IVF treatment there? Then we at Fertility Help Hub encourage you to follow Fertility Clinics Abroad’s campaign, Czechia – Fertility Destination 2022.

Czechia’s allure

In the upcoming months, our campaign will present you with all the possible IVF treatment options you can benefit from in Czechia. We will show you some of the most reputable IVF fertility clinics and talk to some of the best IVF doctors in Europe.

Thanks to this campaign, you will have a unique chance to get to discover your options in this IVF destination and become familiar with the fertility doctors who work there.

The Czech Republic is not only one of the most popular fertility destinations for IVF patients in Europe but it is also one of the most affordable. Being a relatively small country, the Czech Republic offers high standards of living, quality healthcare and reproductive medicine.

Czech fertility clinics are especially popular among patients from the UK, Germany, France, and the Balkan countries. Thousands of patients travel to Czechia every year to realise their dream of parenthood. The top Czech cities to visit for fertility treatment are located in Prague, Brno, and Ostrava. They are also excellent touristic destinations especially in Spring and early Autumn.

Why should patients choose Czechia?

When selecting the best IVF destination for your fertility treatment needs, you should analyse all pros and cons. The Czech Republic seems a perfect choice for fertility patients: it combines affordability with a wide range of fertility treatment options using the latest advances and techniques in IVF.

The fertility clinics offer a wide range of fertility treatment procedures, including embryo donation, which is not available in every country. When it comes to egg and sperm donors, clinics in the Czech Republic offer full donor anonymity.

An additional benefit is that Czech IVF and fertility clinics support patients up to 48 years (+365 days) regardless of the IVF treatment option they choose.

Czech Patients looking for affordable IVF with own, donor eggs or donor sperm will not be disappointed as prices start from €2,700 for IVF using your own eggs and €4,500 for donated eggs. Plus, egg and sperm donor availability is very good, especially for Caucasian and Scandinavian donors.

IVF clinics employ experienced staff that are fluent in English and many fertility clinics can also offer German translations for those who require it. All of these advantages naturally place Czechia among one of the most popular options as patients can get excellent value for money.

Czechia – Fertility Destination 2022

We know that there are a lot of questions patients want to ask before, during and after any IVF treatment — and our campaign Czechia – Fertility Destination 2022 is here to try our best to provide you with the answers.

Dealing with fertility concerns and planning one’s own IVF journey may be overwhelming but we really hope to clear up your biggest doubts. Tune into our campaign and let us, hopefully, take some of the burden off your shoulders.

If you would like to learn more about the Czech Republic, you can follow the campaign Czechia – Fertility Destination 2022 and see for yourself why these fertility clinics and specialists are so popular.

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