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The flight home – an IVF doctor’s tips for safe travel

Jessie Day, in partnership with IVF Turkey  |   14 Jul 2022

Can you fly while doing IVF?

The simple answer is yes, absolutely – in most cases, flying during IVF is very common, and doable. However, each case is individual and you’ll need to chat the specifics with your clinical team or doctor. Here’s the 101.

Safe flying during IVF, and the first 12 weeks of pregnancy

If you’re worried about flying after IVF early pregnancy can start with even more to think about, beyond just the usual symptoms and concerns.

What do the doctors say, what’s the latest science, and are there any specifics to consider? 

We get lots of questions from our Fertility Squad and TTC community on the hows and whens of safe flying during IVF – plus all sorts of after IVF transfer what not to do specifics – and the best people to consult are the clinical experts, especially those with a huge international patient list.

IVF Turkey’s clients travel from all over the world for their impeccable program of care. They also know a thing or two about those all-important first 12 weeks, and flying when pregnant, after IVF. 

We caught up with the senior medical team at IVF Turkey, with your top FAQs for safe flying before/during and after IVF. For a quick look at their world-leading success rates and background, check out our IVF Turkey partner profile

Before you fly

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Safe flying during IVF – what to know (P.S you’ve got this!)

Over to IVF Turkey 

Q: Should I do anything before flying, to prepare?

Pre-flight and planning your trip, we’d recommend focusing on a careful schedule with your fertility team, doctor or clinic. 

If you’re flying for work or leisure, rather than to or from your clinic for treatment, speak to your doctor and chat through any concerns. And if an IVF cycle, appointment or treatment is coming up, you’ll need to diarise carefully and plan around your commitments and clinic dates.

For most people, flying is still possible – you just need to have an organised calendar, and ideally keep stress to a minimum!

If you’re flying to or from a clinic for fertility treatment, there’s nothing specific that you need to do. Whenever flying though, for treatments or for work/leisure, we encourage staying well-hydrated and being mindful of blood circulation – moving around on the flight and compression aids can help with this.

When it comes to safe flying during IVF, specific health issues are important, for example a thrombotic condition, so do get your doctor’s guidance. 

Q: How soon can I fly after embryo transfer?

Some patients may need to fly a day or two earlier than planned, often for a last-minute work or family commitment. At IVF Turkey we usually find a way to work around this, although as standard we recommend our patients travel home 1-2 days after embryo transfer. 

Q: Does flying affect implantation?

This is a common question from our patients, who are often very focused on after embryo transfer and what not to do. And in most cases, our answer is flying doesn’t affect implantation as a standalone factor.

Successful implantation is mainly about two core factors – the quality and condition of the endometrium (where the fertilised egg needs to implant), and the viability and health of the embryo itself. 

Flying won’t change either of these factors, so wouldn’t usually be the sole cause of implantation failure. 

Q: Can I fly with IVF needles, medication etc?

This will depend on where you’re travelling to and from, and the restrictions imposed by different airlines and governments. In the UK, you can carry these as hand luggage: 

  • Essential medicines (over 100ml)
  • Medical equipment, if it’s essential for your journey 

The key point though, is that you’ll need supporting documentation from a relevant medical professional. This will usually be a letter from your fertility doctor or medical team, but could also be a copy of your prescription.

We’re ready to help out with this at IVF Turkey, just chat to the team in your next appointment. 

Q: Can I fly during the first trimester after IVF?

This is another popular question, and lots of patients also ask us more generally about flying while pregnant in the first 12 weeks.

We follow the science on this, and the simple answer is yes, you can – just take the precautions mentioned above and, more specifically: 

  • Stay hydrated 
  • Optimise blood circulation, by moving around frequently 
  • Chat to your fertility team or doctor first! 

We’re happy to answer any question you have – do take a look at IVF Turkey’s FAQs, which may be helpful as a quick reference!

Q: Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe during IVF treatment?

In the UK, the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) has reported no evidence from scientists, or theoretical reason, that any of the COVID-19 vaccines can harm fertility. 

The NHS and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has recommended COVID-19 vaccination as the safest, most effective way of protecting pregnant women and babies from coronavirus. 

Q: Can my clinic help with airport transfers, hotel accommodation, clinic transfers etc?

IVF Turkey provide airport transfer and accommodation services for all our patients. A stress-free experience is crucial to us, and we have an expert co-ordination team in place to help patients from the moment they arrive in Turkey, through to finishing off treatment, and flying back home.

Patients and families across the globe recommend IVF Turkey for their impeccable services, home-from-home care and world-leading success rates.

Book a consultation with the team today, and talk through any questions you have on safe flying during IVF.

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