Fertility-friendly eating this holiday season

Wondering how to navigate the holidays when TTC? On the hunt for a few Christmas fertility foods to sneak into your menu-planning? Or are you thinking, “Can I drink alcohol over the holidays?” You’re not alone. These are big FAQs for the Fertility Help Hub community every holiday season. At the start of this festive [...]

Are You in the Know About How Blood Sugar Affects Your Fertility?

Have you ever wondered how blood sugar affects fertility? Are you thinking "Can high blood sugar affect fertility?" or "Can low blood sugar affect fertility?" You guessed it, blood sugar can affect your fertility and, fortunately, you have the capability to balance your blood sugar. Through lifestyle and dietary changes, you can control your hormones and [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to Improving Egg and Sperm Quality

How can I improve the quality of my eggs and sperm? Our TRB community frequently asks us how to improve egg and sperm quality to boost the chances of natural conception and outcomes of IVF. For anyone trying to conceive naturally or having fertility treatment, knowing we’re doing what we can to improve the quality [...]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About How Zinc and Vitamin D Affect Fertility

Conception vitamins, and two star players to get you started Making sure you are getting the right nutrients in the right quantities helps your body prepare to conceive.  Two important conception vitamins and minerals when trying to get pregnant are zinc and vitamin D.  But do you know why these are important nutrients and how [...]

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Gut Health and Fertility

Did you know your digestive system plays an important role in your fertility? Our gut microbiome plays an integral role in our overall health and fertility and to effectively support our immune health, our gut needs both balance and diversity of organisms - like yeast and bacteria. At The Ribbon Box, we know the importance [...]
Thyroid Fertility

Can my Thyroid Problems Affect my Fertility?

We’ve all heard of an under- or overactive thyroid but how does the thyroid affect fertility? Questions about the thyroid and fertility crop up frequently in our Fertility Help Hub community (download the free app here).  So earlier this month, Founder of FHH, Eloise, spoke with Medical Director at San Francisco’s Laurel Fertility Care, Dr. Smikle, [...]

Fertility-Friendly Eating this Holiday Season

Are you wondering how to navigate the holidays when trying to get pregnant? Are you feeling worried about maintaining a fertility-friendly diet over Christmas? Or are you thinking, “Can I drink alcohol over the holidays?” You’re not alone. Members of our Fertility Help Hub community are asking the same questions. At the start of this [...]

Trying to Conceive Naturally? Here’s What You Need to Know

Have you been TTC naturally for a while but conception just isn’t happening? Fertility Help Hub has sought all the relevant information you need to help you conceive faster, including holistic treatments and conception aids by twoplus. Words by Katherine Compton  Ovulation Tracking Ovulation is a part of your menstrual cycle that lasts between 12-24 [...]

10 Foods to Eat that Help Increase Fertility

As holistic approaches to fertility treatment are becoming more popular due to their effectiveness, we want to find out what the best foods are to help increase fertility for those who are trying to conceive. To learn more about the links between fertility and nutrition, Fertility Help Hub have reached out to Laurel Fertility Care, [...]

How to Increase Egg Quality and Sperm Quality Through Diet and Lifestyle

If you tell your family and friends that you’re TTC (trying to conceive), chances are they will share their words of wisdom about how you can boost your likelihood of successfully conceiving. As attractive or tiresome as it may be, the idea of tailoring your diet and lifestyle for a healthy conception is backed by [...]

What’s a Fertility Friendly Diet? By Nutritionist Jen Walpole

We know that nutrition plays an important role in supporting fertility and IVF success, but what exactly should a ‘Fertility Diet’ look like? We reached out to Fertility Nutritionist Jen Walpole to advise us on what we should be eating when #TTC. Words by Jen www.jenwalpole.com | @jenwalpolenutrition The Mediterranean Diet This is the most [...]
No Food Processor Required Fertility Friendly Bliss Balls

Vanilla Peanut Butter & Cacao Chip Bliss Balls

Peanut buttery, vanilla, maple and cacao bliss balls? Yes please. Expert Nutritionist Stefanie Valakas shares a mouth-watering healthy and fertility friendly sweet treat to enjoy guilt-free. Stefanie Valakas is an Australian-based Accredited Practising Dietitian, Nutritionist & Director of The Dietologist, a private practice focused on nourishing growing families from conception. She is passionate about using [...]


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