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Do Fertility Issues Run in Families? – And Other Questions Answered

10 Feb 2022

Are you wondering what causes infertility and curious about the truth behind common misconceptions surrounding fertility?

You’re not alone.

When it comes to fertility, there really is no such thing as a silly question.

Watch the video above as Fertility Help Hub‘s Founder, Eloise speaks with fertility specialist, Dr Christos Roukoudis, from IVF-Spain fertility clinic about common misconceptions and they uncover the facts around fertility questions. IVF-Spain (view their profile here and their website here) has various locations across Spain and specialises in complex fertility cases to help you build the family you dream of.

In the video, common questions are answered such as:

  • Does obesity cause infertility?
  • Does masturbation cause infertility?
  • Can beauty products and toxins affect trying to conceive?
  • Do fertility issues run in the family?
  • What is the best diet approach for getting pregnant?
  • How harmful is drinking alcohol and smoking when TTC?
  • When do you see egg and sperm quality improve?

Watch now to have your fertility questions answered.

Read the article version of this video here.

Take the next step in your fertility journey by booking an appointment with IVF-Spain here.

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