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Fertility & IVF over 40 – What are my chances of success?

FEATURING Gynem Fertility Clinic  |   23 Jun 2023

What are the options for IVF over 40?

We’re joined by Dr. Kristýna Fruhaufová from Gynem Fertility Clinic to talk all things egg quality, treatment options and success rates.

Watch to discover the impact of age on fertility, as well as the IVF process for women over 40 and whether it differs from having treatment earlier in life.

Find out the role egg quality can play in fertility and IVF success, and how you can improve yours if you’re over the age of 40 – also, get the low down on PGTA testing and what the experts at Gynem personally recommend here.

Speaking of success rates, you’ll also find out your chances of success when getting IVF treatment over 40, and dive into what your options are if treatment is unavailable.

Keen to explore your options for IVF over 40? Get in touch with their amazing team to book a consult today.

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