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Having a baby after cancer: Live Q&A

FEATURING Laurel Fertility Care  |   18 Oct 2022

Unpacking your treatment plan

Tying in with Breast Cancer Awareness month, we caught up with world-renowned fertility expert Dr Smikle – medical director at Laurel Fertility Care – to cover this much-requested topic from our TTC community. 

Having a baby after cancer is amazing, a testament to your strength and resilience but also, an undertaking. TRB founder and CEO Eloise covers all bases with Dr Smikle, including: 

  • types of cancer treatment, and their impact on fertility 
  • fertility preservation options
  • do people need to wait after cancer treatment, before TTC? 
  • navigating recurrences 
  • are pregnancies after cancer automatically ‘high risk’?

Having a baby after cancer – keep sending your questions

We received so many questions from our community on this topic, and are keen to cover them all. Do let us know in Insta DMs or on our app if there’s anything else you need to know, and we’ll schedule a follow-up with Dr Smikle very soon. 

Keen to chat through your options with Dr Smikle’s team? Get in contact today for first steps and world-leading support.

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