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Why Is Sperm Getting Worse? What Can I Do About It?

14 Jan 2022

We’ve heard that sperm count is declining across the globe but why is sperm getting worse?

In this video, Founder of FHH, Eloise, speaks with Founder and CEO of Legacy, Khaled Kteily, about global sperm trends.  Legacy (at-home sperm testing kits) is a digital fertility clinic helping people with sperm to test, freeze, and improve sperm quality at home.

Watch this video to:

  • understand why sperm is worse than it was 40 years ago
  • learn factors for declining sperm count
  • find out about at-home sperm testing kits
  • discover how to improve sperm count, and
  • hear Khaled’s experience of giving a sperm sample in a fertility clinic!

Learn more about Legacy via their profile here and visit their website here for $65 off an at-home sperm analysis kit. 

To claim this discount, use code DADLIFE65 at checkout.

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