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Waiting post-embryo transfer? Here’s what to do (and what to avoid)

FEATURING Gynem Fertility Clinic  |   23 Aug 2023

The post-embryo transfer period

This time can feel so crucial and it’s all too easy to become fixated on what you can and can’t control – so what’s really key to know here?

Watch our expert webinar on what to do in the weeks after an IVF embryo transfer, the things you should avoid, and how to best support yourself.

We’re joined by Adriana Tomešová, Psychologist and Coordinator at Gynem Fertility Clinic, who covers:

  • What to expect post-transfer – Adriana will guide you through the maze of emotions and physical sensations you might experience after your embryo transfer. She’ll discuss the potential signs of implantation, what’s normal, and when you might need to reach out to your healthcare provider for guidance. Knowing what to expect can greatly reduce anxiety during this period.
  • How much to prioritize rest -Rest is a vital component of a successful post-embryo transfer journey. Adriana will provide practical tips on creating a conducive environment for relaxation and share insights on when it’s okay to resume your usual routine.
  • How to manage emotions & anxiety – Emotions can run high during the waiting period, and anxiety often creeps in. Adriana will offer strategies for managing these emotions, and explore ways to stay positive and focused while navigating the uncertainties of this phase.
  • The things you should absolutely avoid – There are certain habits and activities that should be steered clear of post-embryo transfer. Adriana will provide a comprehensive list of these ‘don’ts’, which can include anything from strenuous exercise to specific dietary choices.
  • Plus, lots more

Gynem Fertility Clinic is here for you every step of the way. They put together tailor-made treatment options after an initial free consultation, as well as giving considered end-to-end support and advice.

They also offer a 20% discount on your 3rd cycle of treatment, if needed. Get in touch with them today.

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