Donor Conception

Watch: The LGBTQ+ friendly fertility clinic in Cyprus, and why it’s so popular

14 Jun 2022

With Pride Month in full swing, we picked up with Nevzat Arşan, Managing Director at Cyprus IVF Hospital, unpacking their trailblazing one-stop approach for LGBTQ+ patients and families.

Watch along as FHH founder Eloise catches up with Nevzat, talking all things sperm and egg donor conception – the egg donation programme has achieved an 82% success rate over the last three years – how treatment works in Northern Cyprus, IVF success rates and phyisiological support.

Key topics on the agenda include:

  • donor conception
  • the clinic’s high success rates
  • treatment and donor age brackets
  • competitive offerings, from affordability to egg quality
  • reciprocal IVF
  • laws and regulations governing donor conception in Northern Cyprus
  • psychological assessments
  • surrogate services
  • fertility treatment abroad, and why it’s popular

All caught up? Watch our video with Nevzat, Understanding Embryo Genetic Testing and Gender Selection, and hop over to Insta for upcoming Q&As.

Take advantage of a free first fertility consult with the Cyprus IVF Hospital team.

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