Pineapple for Fertility – Why is Pineapple the Symbol of Fertility?

Eloise Edington  |   24 Oct 2020



Like us, you may be baffled as to why lots of fertility blogs state that pineapple is good for fertility. Should we be munching on the sweet stuff and adding it to our juices, when trying to conceive or during fertility treatment? We’re fascinated to know why pineapple has become symbol of fertility, so we’ve delved a little further…

Words by Emily Ferrier

The pineapple, in recent years has become crowned the beacon of hope and luck for those undergoing IVF. Whilst there are fertility blogs and articles out there speaking about the possibilities of pineapple increasing blood flow to the uterus, (due to its’ high bromelain content), it is not the only food that has helpful qualities for successful IVF treatments.

So why is it top dog?

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Pineapple The Symbol of IVF

Sharp exterior with a sweet interior, the pineapple is the ultimate symbol of nurture and protection. But what’s really fascinating about why this is, is that it’s become our symbol of IVF. But it actually goes deeper than that. 

As it turns out, the connection between pineapple and fertility is more interesting than we once thought. Pineapples are the only fruit that rarely grow from seeds.

Many species of pineapple require intervention to produce fruit, as the environment must be balanced, and the fruit cannot reproduce with the same variety of plant. They must be able to pollinate with a different variety that is not likely to be growing near to it, according to the “History, Taxonomy and Culture of the Pineapple” by J. L. Collins. 

With the rapid increase in climate change, agriculturalists have been seeking out ways to properly fertilise the soils in which pineapples grow, so that this tropical fruit can reach its full potential (L. Merr). So, the pineapple is a fruit in which its default is intervention for reproduction, and therefore it is the perfect symbol for IVF. 

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A Noble Gift

Beyond that— pineapple was once considered the sign of wealth and abundance. When the Europeans first tried to bring the fruit back home to grow, they had quite a bit of trouble. Being native to the Americas, they had to be very carefully maintained in hot-houses in Europe, to ensure proper growth. 

These early 18th century heating and cooling systems in glasshouses were a very expensive pastime and pineapple cultivation was seen as an extravagant hobby, a privilege for the wealthy. According to Ruth Levitt, it became “A Noble Present of Fruit”.

Wealthy people would present freshly cut pineapple to their guests to show their connection and power. Those who were able would even rent pineapples for people, so as to appear wealthier than they were— for the cost of what would be $8,000 today!

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Do I Need Pineapple For Optimal Fertility?

Nutrition is very important for a healthy body, and any foods that might aid your chances when trying to conceive are worth a try— but beyond the fruit, there is the rich symbolism of aided fertility, careful planning, and the stabilising of a safe environment for the fruit to grow strong and tall. So, sure! Wear that pineapple headband or face mask with pride at your fertility clinic appointments, because it has nearly 500 years of history connected with fertility help.

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