How to ‘spring clean’ your vagina with a little help from Fairhaven Health

Kristina Lopez, Health & Wellness Writer  |   15 Jun 2023

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It is truly amazing what our bodies can do, but there’s always more to discover and understand about our personal needs for a healthier life. One thing I’ve been learning about lately is vaginal health, and I’ve been blown away by all the information out there. It can often feel like there’s so much noise regarding what could and couldn’t work for your vagina. That’s why it’s great to come across a brand that cares about helping people find a natural and holistic solution to balancing pH levels in intimate areas. Most women experience discomfort and embarrassment because there are a lot of mixed messages about what’s best for their vaginal health. 

Should I use unscented or are some scented intimate washes okay?

Why do certain odors happen even when my hygiene is a top priority?

Fairhaven Health understands that vaginal health is crucial to our overall well-being, but it’s often a topic swept under the rug. They don’t make the biggest, boldest claims of a cure-all. Instead, they are focused on providing reliable, accurate health education and use the latest research to formulate products with top quality ingredients. They want to ensure that a healthy vagina is no longer a mystery. Now, you can find the right solutions for your body. 

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Balance things out

The key to maintaining a healthy vagina is ensuring the pH balance is at the optimal acidic level. This can be difficult since so many things can throw your pH off kilter. From hormone levels to sexual activity to body care products to exercise to the environment, the vaginal microbiome can change in an instant. Consistency of care is key when dealing with issues in intimate areas. Fairhaven’s IsoFresh Probiotic is a convenient and natural women’s probiotic that effectively helps maintain friendly bacteria in the vagina with a once-a-day dosage.* It has 5 strains of friendly bacteria with 10 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per day in each pill. The GMO-free and vegetarian-friendly bottle has a 30-day supply of the women’s probiotic that doesn’t need refrigeration either. This means you could also take it with you anywhere without worrying about losing effectiveness.


Gentle care

As women, we know how important it is to feel confident and comfortable in our bodies. Every month, there’s an adjustment period (pun intended) that can make it hard to get our vaginal pH back on track. That’s where it was great to know Fairhaven has a complementary product to help you. The IsoFresh Gel is an all-natural and gentle formula that is a great alternative to a douche. (If you didn’t know, douches can be counterproductive to a healthy microbiome and disrupt the acidic environment your vagina needs to thrive.) This bioadhesive gel is water-based, paraben-free, and 100% isotonic. It won’t wash away, create an uncomfortable feeling, or irritate your most intimate and sensitive skin.

The right materials

Certain materials on your skin, particularly underwear, can cause the perfect storm for the most uncomfortable vulvovaginal problems. Choose undergarments that breathe easily and stay dry—like cotton—to protect the area and prevent odor-causing bacteria. Finding a comfortable balance between looser and form-fitting women’s clothing presents another challenge. Looser undergarments mean extra ventilation but may not stay put while tighter ones can cause contact infections from fecal matter, sweat, and other natural bodily fluids. Changing clothes and underwear or damp swimsuits after any strenuous activity or if you have heavy discharge also helps to prevent the potential for vagina health issues.


Avoid scented products

Though scented products might be nice to indulge in every so often—when it comes to your vagina—you want to steer clear of artificial and even some natural fragrances. Once you balance your microbiome from the inside out and maintain those pH levels, your natural scents shouldn’t be near as startling in contrast. The IsoFresh Probiotic is a natural supplement that adds friendly bacteria to your system in order to support pH levels in the acidic range (can vary between ~3.8 to ~4.5).*

‘Better sex’ hygiene

Good sexual hygiene starts with a gentle yet thorough cleanse. The right regimen should be as simple and beneficial as it is effective. Proper hygiene practices also include your partner when it comes to preventing bacteria from entering your very delicate microbiome. It’s also important to ask your partner about their hygiene habits prior to sexual activity.   

There’s so much to learn about maintaining a healthy vagina and Fairhaven Health wants to empower you to do that. With natural and holistic solutions like the one-two combo of IsoFresh Gel and IsoFresh Probiotic and their wide range of clean products and valuable resources, you can support a healthy vagina at any stage of your life.* 

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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