About Us

I’m Eloise, a donor sperm IVF mother of five

My husband and I have been married for over eight years, and we live in London with our children and a dog unshakable in his belief that he’s actually a human too, and deserves exactly the same level of respect, thank you very much.

The diagnosis

Long before becoming an IVF warrior, I was a chronic worrier. Somewhere in the back of my mind I always had the unhelpful concern that having children might be a challenge for me. Unfortunately, those negative thoughts became a reality when my husband and I were confronted with male infertility; he has a genetic condition, affecting 1 in 600 men. We worked through the painful uncertainty of the IVF rollercoaster together, but it was tough.

Hitting emotional rock-bottom

There was a lot of crying, balanced with laughter. We produced a large (but not unreasonable) number of empty wine bottles. We came through the process stronger — more resilient. Random internet surfing was our greatest weakness and worst enemy. We self-diagnosed everything, and it left us feeling confused, overwhelmed and lonely. On the really bad days, these feelings grew to an unbearable size. But in the end, we were gifted with success.

Why our mission for The Ribbon Box is to help others struggling around the world

Our friends started coming to us for advice and help, which we found incredibly humbling. A fertility struggle can leave scars beneath the surface, which don’t just go away. Talking to others about our journey, sharing our experiences and the advice we picked up along the way – it made us feel like we could do more. If it was helping our friends, and it was helping us, maybe it would help others, too.

We craved community and to connect with others who actually understand what a fertility struggle feels like.

So, having lived it first-hand, we founded The Ribbon Box. It is an inclusive and free platform, offering everyone around the world all of the things my husband and I wish we’d had along the way: a supportive communityfertility specialist guidanceshared stories and offers, collected together in one beautiful, optimistic space. Take our quiz to be personally introduced to experts who can help you find your feet and make the baby dream a reality.

Infertility certainly doesn’t discriminate and we welcome everyone, no matter skin colour, sexual preference or where you’re at on your fertility journey.


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