Waiting post-embryo transfer? Here’s what to do (and what to avoid)

Catch our expert webinar on what to do in the weeks after an IVF embryo transfer, as well as the things you should avoid, and how to best support yourself.

We’ll be joined by Adriana Tomešová, Psychologist and coordinator at Gynem Fertility Clinic. With three decades of experience in leading fertility treatment methods with a compassionate and supportive client focus, they know a thing or two about what to expect after an embryo transfer.

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The post-transfer period can feel so crucial and it’s all too easy to become fixated on what you can and can’t control – so what’s really key to know here?

  • Adriana Tomešová will cover:
  • What to expect post-transfer
  • How to manage emotions
  • How much to prioritize rest
  • How to manage anxiety
  • The things you should absolutely avoid
  • Plus, lots more

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