Superior innovation designed for women

Superior innovation designed for women

Femasys is working to provide next-generation advancements to disrupt severely under-served areas in women’s health. We are a leading biomedical company focused on addressing significant unmet needs of women worldwide with a broad portfolio of in-office, accessible, and innovative therapeutic and diagnostic products.

Our vision: empowering women

Femasys is committed to providing women with revolutionary products as they seek solutions throughout their reproductive journey. Technological advancements in female reproductive health are long overdue, driving our focus to develop in-office, accessible, and innovative options.


FDA-cleared FemVue is a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective way to determine the patency of the fallopian tubes. Natural, consistent and controlled saline-air bubbles created by FemVue enable you to quickly and safely evaluate tubal patency in the convenience of an office setting using existing ultrasound equipment. The test is completed in less than 15 minutes with minimal to no patient discomfort and no exposure to radiation.


FemaSeed is an FDA-cleared, innovative artificial insemination treatment designed to deliver sperm directly to the fallopian tube where conception occurs without wires or cannulation of the tube. It is intended to enhance natural fertilization and provide a first-line treatment option for those seeking pregnancy. FemaSeed is less invasive and more affordable than assisted reproduction procedures such as IVF or ICSI, and offers significantly higher success rates than what is reported in the literature for IUI in patients with male factor infertility.


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