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How Tambre utilizes AI to enhance success rates in embryo selection and implantation

Dr. Ángela Llaneza, Scientific Director of Clínica Tambre  |   16 Jul 2024

Reproductive medicine is focused on reducing the time required to achieve pregnancy, recognizing challenges such as age-related decline and underlying pathologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving invaluable in this field, particularly in assisted reproduction.

The clinic’s primary objective is to optimize treatments and avoid the emotional and financial toll of prolonged procedures and unsuccessful transfers. Dr. Ángela Llaneza, Scientific Director of Clínica Tambre in Madrid, emphasizes efficiency, stating, “Our goal is to achieve pregnancy as quickly as possible. We aim to minimize unnecessary transfers that strain patients emotionally and financially”.

One significant initiative is Tambre’s collaboration with HoMu Health Ventures, a Barcelona-based startup, to enhance endometrial assessment and refine embryo transfer timing using AI algorithms. This technological integration aims to improve patient outcomes and streamline fertility treatments.

The Matris Project: Enhancing Endometrial Assessment with AI

With 45 years of experience, the Madrid-based clinic leads in utilizing big data to advance assisted reproduction. They are currently conducting a clinical study to refine endometrial classification through an AI-based system. This system predicts the optimal moment for endometrial receptivity, critical for successful embryo implantation.

Dr. Ángela Llaneza describes the Matris project as an innovative AI technology developed in Canada. It uses ultrasound images to predict the most receptive endometrium for embryo implantation, ultimately enhancing pregnancy success rates. Gynecologists can use Matris to determine the best timing for embryo transfer, combining their expertise with data-driven insights from the algorithm. “We’re training the algorithm with thousands of photos and patient data,” says Dr. Llaneza. “Our ultimate goal is to achieve pregnancy for our patients as quickly as possible.”

Advantages of the Non-Invasive System

The novel Matris system offers a non-invasive approach, analyzing endometrial conditions two days before scheduled embryo transfer. This allows critical decisions, such as postponing the transfer if the endometrium isn’t optimal. Dr. Llaneza emphasizes that the system provides

objective data on endometrial suitability, sometimes recommending transfer cancellation. This advantage prevents embryo loss due to unprepared endometrial tissue, ensuring healthier pregnancies and births.

Clínica Tambre’s scientific director and fertility specialist gynecologist stress the significant progress of AI in assisted reproduction. Dr. José Horcajadas, Tambre’s scientific advisor, notes the algorithm’s validation in prestigious international clinics. “Currently available at our clinic in Madrid on an experimental basis, this technology aims to intelligently enhance pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF,” explains Dr. Horcajadas.

Dr Llaneza reviewing an endometrial ultrasound scan Clinica Tambre

Tambre, Pioneering AI Utilization

Tambre is at the forefront of AI research to expedite pregnancy. They have validated algorithms globally enhancing embryo selection, with applications like the CHLOE program advising embryologists on the best embryos for pregnancy achievement. Dr. Llaneza highlights, “We’ve pioneered AI-based technology development in Spain.”

Another AI application at Tambre involves selecting optimal donors for couples using eggs, sperm, or both gametes. Fenomatch technology employs extensive data to achieve biometric compatibility between future babies and parents, aiming for physical and genetic resemblance.

And now, this technology seamlessly integrates into the clinic’s daily operations, marking a significant advancement in reproductive medicine.

About Clínica Tambre

Clínica Tambre is a reproductive medicine institution based in Madrid since 1978. It is renowned for its advanced reproductive medicine services, incorporating cutting-edge technology and a specialized team for complex infertility cases. Since its inception, the clinic’s priority has been to achieve the best results for patients, positioning itself as a pioneering and internationally recognized center of excellence in the field.

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