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The surprising benefits of meditation and visualization – from TTC to postpartum

Kristina Lopez, in partnership with WholeNest  |   9 Aug 2023

Fertility meditation – try these today

Your mind-body connection is one of the most powerful keys to unlocking so many health benefits physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Whether you’re trying to conceive, embracing the beautiful journey of pregnancy, or navigating the joys of motherhood for the first or umpteenth time, it can still take a toll on your healing, growth, and well-being. This is why we at TRB always advocate for a more holistic approach to discovering new ways to fulfill your needs.

WholeNest is a therapeutic brand focused on providing health-preserving natural wellness products and holistic health services to empower your healing journey. They support women in the fertility, pregnancy, and parenting stages of life with truly amazing  WholeNest Healing Circle courses that are designed to nourish the mind and body, led by expert therapists who understand what you need from pre-conception to postpartum.

TBR readers can head over to see the full range of WholeNest Healing Circle courses and book in to experience restorative healing for yourself.

What are WholeNest’s Healing Circle courses?

WholeNest’s Healing Circle Courses are transformative journeys designed to nurture your mind and body and utilize the power of fertility meditation and visualization at every stage of your reproductive health. Here’s a brief breakdown of how each course works:

  • “Nourish & Nurture” Fertility Healing Circle: Specifically designed to support women on the path to conception, this course promotes physical and emotional well-being by creating an optimal environment for fertility and preparing them for the trials and miracles of motherhood.
  • “Empower & Sustain” Pregnancy Healing Circle: Designed to help women embrace motherhood with confidence and vitality, this course empowers expecting mothers to prioritize their physical and emotional well-being during their individual pregnancy journey.
  • “Reboot & Renew” Postpartum Healing Circle: To learn how to balance the joys and challenges within the postpartum period, this course supports new mothers during their recovery physically and emotionally to help relieve stress, heal anxiety, and build a strong bond with their babies.
  • “Blossom & Grow” Motherhood Healing Circle: For a more holistic approach to self-care as they nurture their growing family, this course helps new mothers learn how to prioritize their physical and emotional well-being as they navigate their new responsibilities in parenthood.
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How fertility meditation and visualization can support your journey

The positive mental aspect when trying to conceive (TTC)

Trying to conceive can be as emotionally draining as it is physically taxing. When your mind isn’t getting the rest or nurturing it needs, your body falls in line with feeling fatigued and not performing at its best. WholeNest understands that you need space and time to restore yourself from the inside out. Their Healing Circle courses utilize meditation and visualization techniques to foster a positive mindset and strengthen the mind-body connection.

By reducing stress hormones in the body and maintaining a healthy and calmer mental state, you can better set yourself up for conception and create a more supportive environment for your loved ones and future little one.

Fostering a stronger connection with baby in the womb during pregnancy

Pregnancy is often discussed as a tremendous change in the body. But the reality is that hormonal and emotional changes happen in the mind, too. Those determine how you see yourself and sets the tone of how you’re going to bond with your baby.

WholeNest’s courses empower expectant mothers to embrace that sacred period by encouraging deep bonding with their babies through meditation and visualization of the life they want to live starting now. Connecting with yourself and your little one in the womb can cultivate a profound sense of love and security you can bring with you throughout your fertility journey.

Supporting recovery during postpartum

Recovery during the postpartum period is an incredibly personal time of immense transformation that deserves equal attention. WholeNest’s Postpartum Healing Circle course focuses on nurturing the mother to aid the physical recovery and alleviate as much stress and anxiety as possible.

The meditation aspect helps you feel more centered while the visualization methods help to strengthen the mental responsibilities that new mothers experience postpartum. 

Head over to WholeNest and discover their Healing Circle courses for yourself. With tailored sessions, bundles and group fertility meditation available, they’ve got the mind-body therapy options to support you – wherever you’re at on your unique fertility journey.

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