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All-things Denmark – the demand for Danish sperm donors (& travelling for treatment)

Jessie Day, in partnership with Maigaard Fertility Clinic  |   10 Dec 2023

I’m the first to admit to being a confirmed Scandiphile. And I can’t really put my finger on why. One thing is certain though, I’m not unique in my inclination – and it gets pretty niche. Google search is awash with questions around everything from how to live Danishly (there’s a book for that, of course), to Scandi parenting techniques and Nordic wellness principles. 

And, one fast-growing area – Danish sperm donors, treatment in Denmark and the laws and costs which shape our choices around destination-based fertility treatment. 

We’re increasingly specific, and Denmark comes out top

For some, the Med is a big pull. For others, it’s a longer journey for something specific. 

And for many, many more, it’s somewhere else entirely. In 2020 around 21 per cent of donated sperm used in the UK came from Denmark. And increasingly, we’re not just shipping it over, but choosing to pair excellent sperm donor options with Danish quality of care, by making the quick flight to Denmark for full-service treatment. 

Dedicated to excellence with over 20 years of proven success, Maigaard Fertility Clinic have unique perspective on what it is that makes Denmark such a sought-after destination for fertility care, and in particular, sperm donor options. 

Unpacking Maigaard’s vast experience, we recently partnered to cover IVF in Denmark – 5 reasons to travel from the UK for treatment plus – if you’re keen to understand the financials – a Danish IVF and fertility treatment costs 101

Today, we want to know: 

  • why Denmark for sperm donation?
  • Danish sperm donor laws – what should we know? 
  • what are the financials and costs

Let’s get started. Over to team Maigaard for the why and how on Danish sperm donors, plus the best way to get started on your conception journey. 

danish sperm donors

What makes Denmark – and Danish sperm donors – so appealing?

It depends where people are coming from – and the treatment barriers or challenges they may be facing in their home country. But if you’re specifically looking for Danish sperm donors, here are a few reasons why Denmark is so appealing: 

  • Denmark is the home of Europe’s largest sperm banks 
  • legislation is anchored in donor openness and transparency, making it an ideal environment for sperm banks to thrive, and lead 
  • anonymous and non-anonymous donors are allowed, so we can cater to every need and preference
  • phenotype demand (phenotype referring to observable characteristics, such as height, eye colour and blood type)
  • access to detailed sperm donor profiles via open-ID (including character traits, IQ, babyhood and adulthood pictures, etc) 
  • availability – we operate low waiting times, relative to the UK, for example 
  • high quality of care standards and strict protocols/procedures, including thorough testing and psychological evaluation 
  • respect for family quotas (how many families can be created using a one donor’s sperm)
  • high human rights standards for donors

Danish sperm donor laws – what should we know?

When looking at travelling from the UK or internationally, this is one of the first questions we get from our patient community. Here are a few core aspects to keep in mind: 

  1. both anonymous and non-anonymous donations are allowed 
  2. clinics like Maigaard and sperm donor banks (we partner with European Sperm Bank (ESB) and Cryos International, for world-leading options and patient-centred care) are governed by strict regulations, ensuring quality and traceability 
  3. a donor can donate enough sperm for 12 inseminations, to support family quota legislation 
  4. unlike in the US, commercial sperm donation is illegal in Denmark – donors are compensated financially for their time, only 
  5. sperm donation is open to everyone, under Danish law, whereas for example in many other popular destination countries, only heterosexual couples – sometimes further restricted to married heterosexual couples – have access 

Tell me about the costs – is affordability a factor?

In terms of the sperm straws you order (‘straw’ meaning the clear preservation tube used to contain your sperm, ready for fertilisation), it’s important to be transparent. 

The major sperm banks aren’t necessarily the cheapest or most ‘affordable’ option, but, crucially, they do operate with the highest quality standards, and provide superior levels of information on donors, as well as counselling for families in their care. 

And, as we cover below, Maigaard patients will get access to special rates with two of the world’s leading sperm donor banks.

why are most sperm donors danish

How does sperm donation work at Maigaard?

Maigaard has a long-standing relationship with Cryos International and ESB – two of the world’s leading sperm and egg banks, committed to the highest standards of patient and donor care. 

We’re proud to be able to offer Maigaard patients special rates with these two world-leading sperm banks. Patients benefit from a discount code and are put directly in touch with both banks, to work through profiles and choose their preferred donor. 

Their sample is then sent directly to Maigaard Fertility Clinic, and we’ll coordinate to sort out logistics, saving on transportation costs. 

We’re excited to announce a new project too, which will see us launch our own sperm bank at Maigaard, providing a more affordable, in-house option for patients.

What about donor screening and the application process?

A British tabloid site recently referred to Danish sperm donor profiles as similar to a ‘dating app’-style selection experience. We wouldn’t say it’s exactly like that, but patients do get superior access in Denmark, to detailed phenotype description, baby and adulthood pictures, IQ scores, character traits, hobbies and passions. 

Crucially, access to genetic matching is also a big part of the process, here in Denmark.

You can also receive voice recordings and messages written by the donor, for you as the intended parents and /or your future child, if that’s something you’d like. If not, no problem. It’s a process based entirely on your very personal preferences and priorities.

How can I get started?

Easy. And we really mean that – at Maigaard we’re experienced in providing a seamless patient experience. 

  1. Contact Maigaard to book a (free) first appointment
  2. With your doctor, work through all the options available for selecting the right sperm donor
  3. Once treatment starts, Maigaard patients get a discount code for their chosen sperm bank, to choose the donor who best suits them

Best of luck from all of us at team TRB and Maigaard Fertility Clinic – we’ve walked this path and are here for any questions. 

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