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Your Ultimate Guide to At-Home Insemination

Eloise Edington  |  4 Jan 2023

When you’re TTC naturally (and having no luck), you’ll probably be tracking your cycle, testing your hormones, taking different fertility supplements and making lifestyle changes – all at home. If you’re in a heterosexual couple, you may decide to try sperm-friendly fertility lube… all in an attempt to get pregnant faster.

It’s not uncommon to experience difficulties TTC naturally, and with the high cost of fertility treatment, many couples decide to try at-home insemination before investing a huge amount of money in assisted reproduction. Other times, couples wish to try at-home insemination kits for greater convenience and a less medical feel than going to a fertility clinic.

To get your head around exactly what’s involved, we’re teaming up with Mosie to create a complete at-home insemination guide

A complete guide to at-home insemination

Officially called intracervical insemination (ICI), at-home insemination typically involves putting sperm into the vagina near the cervix to mimic penis-in-vagina intercourse.

You will need…

  • specimen of healthy sperm
  • collection cup
  • Mosie syringe
  • somewhere comfortable to lie down for approx. 30 mins.

A note on sperm:

You can use Mosie with fresh or frozen sperm. Collect it from your (consenting) partner, purchase a vial from a sperm bank or ask a known donor. If using frozen sperm, thaw it to room temperature first – your sperm bank will tell you how.

A note on collection cups:

Just like Goldilocks, this needs to be not too big and not too small – otherwise transferring the specimen into the syringe will be trickier than it needs to be. (Mosie’s collection cup is “just right”, and comes with a helpful lid for transportation – just be sure to use the sperm sample within an hour.)


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How To

Preparing the sperm for insemination:

  1. Find somewhere private where you have space and won’t be disturbed (a bedroom might be suitable as you can lie down to insert the specimen and then rest).
  2. Pull the plunger of the empty syringe all the up and push it back down fully to remove air and prevent air bubbles in the syringe.
  3. Dip the end of the syringe in the sample cup so the syringe is in contact with the specimen.
  4. Keep the end of the syringe in the sample and slowly pull the syringe up to transfer the semen into the syringe.
  5. When the sample is in the syringe, slowly push the plunger back down and gently tap the syringe with your other hand to expel the air bubbles – be careful not to squeeze out the semen!


  1. Lie horizontally and get comfortable. If possible, use a pillow to raise your legs and hips slightly higher than your waist
  2. As you would a tampon, insert the syringe into your vagina (ideally, insert up to the handles on the end of the syringe).
  3. Fully push the plunger to release the sample.
  4. Gently remove the syringe.
  5. Relax and continue to lay down for about 15 to 30 minutes.

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Key Features of the Mosie Syringe we Love:

  • The first syringe specifically designed to help insemination by delivering sperm directly at (or near) the cervix opening, making it optimal for insemination
  • Comfortable to use (it’s about the size of a tampon with no abrasive edges)
  • Convenient (only in your body for about seconds and can be used with or without a partner present)
  • Maximises usage of the specimen by not trapping it in the tip like others
  • Oval-shaped opening provides a wider spread for sperm delivery.
  • Made from premium medical-grade materials
Fertility Help

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Top Tips for Successful At-Home Insemination

  • Use each Mosie syringe only once
  • Track your ovulation (click here to buy the Mosie ovulation kit and use code 10FHH to receive 10% off the entire Mosie Baby shop)
  • Use your first Mosie within 12 hours of the first signs of ovulation
  • Use your second Mosie 24 to 36 hours after that
  • Focus on removing the big air bubbles – tiny air bubbles in the syringe are okay
  • Play with the syringe a bit; when it’s empty, practise pulling it back and forth a few times
  • Be patient – of the people who get pregnant with Mosie, 92% get pregnant within 4 months of use.

Whatever your reasons for trying at-home insemination, we hope our Ultimate Guide will help you get pregnant faster.

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