How Hopeful Parents and Their Surrogates are the Forgotten Spoils of War

When there’s conflict happening in the world, we think of the bombs, the hunger and the destruction. We think of the sick, the old and the people refusing to leave the neighbourhoods they’ve inhabited for over 50 years.  We think of the families fleeing their homes, the children whose worlds are ripped apart and the [...]

What Should I Consider Before Having IVF?

When embarking on fertility treatment, there are many things to think about.  In fact, there are so many things to consider, it's understandable we forget some of these things on our fertility journeys. Fortunately, FHH's new fertility clinic partner, iGin, has rounded up key questions to ask before starting IVF. iGin is a highly-regarded fertility [...]

6 Common Misconceptions about Infertility

In the field of medicine, and fertility in particular, it seems there are countless old-wives tales, misconceptions and misunderstandings. This is why, at Fertility Help Hub, we share expert advice to help you separate fertility fact from fertility fiction. Today, to shed light on some common misconceptions about infertility, we have Gynem Fertility Clinic in [...]

Why is the Czech Republic an IVF Hot Spot?

Czechia is a frequently chosen IVF destination and more and more patients have decided to put their trust in the hands of Czech fertility doctors. Still not sure whether you should have your IVF treatment there? Then we at Fertility Help Hub encourage you to follow Fertility Clinics Abroad’s campaign, Czechia – Fertility Destination 2022. [...]
Four Reasons to Go Abroad for Fertility Treatment

Fertility Help – Four Reasons to Go Abroad for Fertility Treatment in 2020

Fertility treatment and going for IVF abroad is becoming more and more popular. We’ve spoken to our friends at EmbryoClinic in Greece and this fertility blog article will help you to understand why people travel abroad for IVF, what’s involved, and the benefits of seeking fertility specialist help away from home. Over to the fertility [...]


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