Know your cycle – the 101 guide

Whatever your goals for health – from management of cramps and hormonal headaches to trying for a baby, or preventing pregnancy, knowing where you are in your cycle is empowering. And for this, our go-to in 2023 is Natural Cycles.

exercise and menstrual

Working out for your cycle phase – what to do when

Does the thought of working out during your period make you want to cancel your gym membership? Or did a coach in school once say, “Movement helps period cramps, no excuses!”, so you power through? No matter how (and whether) you choose to exercise on your period, up-to-date science makes for fascinating reading. Can your [...]
Is It Better To Take Breaks Between IVF Cycles

Is It Better To Take Breaks Between IVF Cycles?

Knowing when or if to take breaks in-between IVF cycles can be really confusing as there is no clear answer. You may be recommended different suggestions by fertility specialists, making it hard to know whether taking or not taking a break will affect you or your IVF success rates. To help make things a little [...]

Getting Pregnant after Birth Control

Oral contraceptives often referred to as ‘’the Pill’ are one of the most commonly used contraceptives when trying to prevent pregnancy. For many women, the first step when you decide that you are ready to start trying to conceive will be coming off the pill. Preparing to start a family is a big deal, therefore, […]

Menstrual cycle tracking

TTC – Menstrual Cycle and Hormones Explained

One of the hardest things about tracking your cycle when trying to conceive, is figuring out what should be happening when. It’s easy to self-diagnose an issue with cycle lengths, for example. without having any scientific proof of an issue. That’s why we’ve called upon expert registered nurse, Andreia Trigo to shed some light on [...]


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