free baby classes in the UK

5 free baby classes in the UK to boost your child’s creativity

The first few years of your child's life are very important for their physical, mental and social development. These initial years shape so much of their personality and who they will become, that it is important to give them a rich childhood full of activity, fun, interaction and cognitive challenges. Enrolling your child into a [...]
thrifty parenting

5 ways to save money as a new parent

We know that your little bundle can often come with big costs! We’ve come up with these helpful ideas for saving money as a new parent, and to help you stay thrifty during your parenthood journey.


How to co-parent with your ex

Co-parenting can be tricky. Not all families fit traditional set-ups and it can sometimes feel the odds are against us. Today, successful co-parent Krystal Martinez shares her experience and expertise about how to co-parent so you can approach this next stage in your family's life with confidence. Krystal is a writer for brands like Scary [...]

Helping your child become a fluent reader

To not only master reading but also master the curriculum, children need to become fluent readers. With fluent reading comes clearer understanding because mental faculties are spent trying to comprehend the meaning behind the text rather than what the words say. In their reading toolkit, children need two essential tools: The ability to recognise sight [...]

15 Phonics Resources to Help Your Child Learn to Read

When learning to read, children develop two skills simultaneously: Mastery of phonics Recognition of an increasingly large pool of sight words (also known as “high-frequency words”) To help your child read at home, you also need to master phonics and know the high-frequency words they're learning at school. Often, sight words are words that cannot [...]

Introducing: Sophie’s Parenting Tips Column

Worried about parenting after divorce? Panicking over the trials of co-parenting? Stressed about dating during IVF? You're going to love The Ribbon Box's new column by Sophie. Sophie has been co-parenting with her ex for the past year since they separated. She admits she's by no means a parenting expert but she's picked up some [...]

If you’re a parent, you need these 5 apps

Being a parent can be really tough but our friends at The Handbook have rounded up the best apps for mums and parents to make life a little easier.  Whether you're looking for fertility support, pregnancy advice, on-the-go parenting tips, first-aid guidance just a click away or apps to help your child sleep through the [...]
How to Start Weaning Your Baby

How to start weaning your baby

The decision to start weaning your child is a big one, and it's difficult to know the right time to start weaning your baby, as well as working out how to start weaning. So we’ve turned to expert children's nutritionist Annabel Karmel (find her website here) to share her advice on knowing when it's time [...]

How to Raise Anti-Racist Children

It's been almost two years since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the arms of a police officer.  Since then, Derek Chauvin has been fired from his job and convicted of murder, nationwide policies and systems have been under scrutiny and Black Lives Matter marches have been walked in countless countries. Globally, discussions [...]

Parenting Trends of 2022 You Need To Know About

The pandemic has shifted the way many of us live, work and learn so it's no surprise parenting trends for 2022 reflect this "new normal" -  to use a term we heard far too much in 2021... As ever, FHH is on-top of current trends and looking at popular parenting movements for the coming year.  Here, [...]


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