Types of surrogacy – the 101, with BeParent

Surrogacy is undoubtedly on the up, but it can still be a complicated and sometimes overwhelming topic when first explored. Here is our 101 guide to the different types of surrogacy and what they involve.


Ask Me Anything! Digging deep into surrogacy & donor IVF journeys

Surrogacy arrangements necessitate a lot of moving parts – the carrier themselves, lawyers, IVF clinics, donors, surrogacy professionals, counsellors and, increasingly, specialist couriers. With confusing laws only adding to the uncertainty, without careful planning and support there’s a lot that can go wrong. Growing Families are the organisation on a mission to unpack the ifs, ands [...]

How many times can you be a surrogate? Plus 9 more FAQs

From numbers of births to past losses or miscarriages, surrogacy queries can get quite knotty. California-based VitaNova Technologies are the future-forward tech startup set on transforming where – and how – surrogacy sits in the world of fertility, and family building. Using state-of-the-art software, they provide a smooth connection between agencies and surrogate (or egg donor), and provide first steps [...]

From thyroid to surrogacy – 2022 wrapped with Laurel Fertility Care

Twelve months of incredible support and expertise, from one of California’s best fertility clinic groups. Laurel Fertility Care are the go-to specialist care providers for so many intended parents, parents-to-be and families - here’s what we’ve learned across 2022.  Set the agenda for 2023 - we’re asking our Insta community what they’d like to see [...]

The whole 9 months – how to support your GC across their pregnancy

Actually, it’s more like 10. For top LGBTQ+ surrogacy agency Be Parent, that’s the first tip for anyone prepping to support their gestational carrier (GC) or surrogate across her pregnancy. Know your dates, key milestones and process - we promise it’ll be appreciated, when you’re connecting and sorting out the details. LGBT surrogacy and gestational [...]

Your top 7 surrogacy FAQs, with San Francisco’s leading clinic

By Jessie Day From the surrogacy process, and a roadmap of what to expect, to key definitions - do you know the difference between gestational carrier and traditional surrogate, for example? - fertility clinics can help with so much beyond a sperm-meets-egg scenario. But what are the really burning surrogacy FAQs hitting clinics in 2022? [...]

Vaccines, surrogacy & who decides? Expert agency Q&A

Vaccines, mandates and conflicting guidance. It’s a recipe for confusion in any pregnancy, but for those on a surrogacy journey, alignment is crucial. VitaNova Technologies are the cutting-edge startup helping to redefine surrogacy for all parties involved. We caught up with Danaka Porter, Chief Operating Officer at VitaNova Technologies, to talk vaccines, surrogacy and the [...]
ivf screening

What the top surrogacy agencies are getting right, in 2022

Carrying a baby for someone else. It’s an incredible act, and fundamentally life-changing for everyone involved. With global demand for surrogacy increasing (research shows that the number of people undergoing fertility support with surrogate involvement has shot up in recent years), the lense is on surrogacy agencies. Specifically, their practices, checks and balances, and the [...]

Creating families, across borders

One thing is clear - you want to grow your family. But so often, that’s where the clarity ends. Frustratingly in 2022, this is still the reality for gay couples across the globe. Not-for-profit Growing Families are set up to change this. They work with thousands of gay, heterosexual and single intended parents around the [...]

Looking to Become an Egg Donor or Surrogate? Here’s How

At Fertility Help Hub, we know the selfless gift that egg donors and surrogates give intended parents struggling with fertility. For some, using donor eggs or a surrogate is a last resort, for others, it’s the clear path to parenthood. Not everyone who comes to our fertility community is trying to conceive, though. Some people [...]

“I Was Their Surrogate and we Will Forever be Intertwined”

Have you ever wondered why someone becomes a surrogate or what it's like to be a surrogate? Around the world, selfless women carry and birth the children of intended parents who are struggling with infertility or who cannot carry a child themselves. The reasons someone becomes a surrogate are deeply personal and every woman's experience [...]

How Hopeful Parents and Their Surrogates are the Forgotten Spoils of War

When there’s conflict happening in the world, we think of the bombs, the hunger and the destruction. We think of the sick, the old and the people refusing to leave the neighbourhoods they’ve inhabited for over 50 years.  We think of the families fleeing their homes, the children whose worlds are ripped apart and the [...]

Rihanna Said WHAT About Single Mums?

Pop-singer and CEO of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna, has recently opened up about her intention to be a mum within the next ten years and explained that if she is ready to be a parent, why wait? Relationship status shouldn't factor into whether or not you are ready to be a parent — and thanks to [...]

Personalised Children’s Books about Donor-Conception

Anyone who regularly interacts with children knows they're naturally curious.  "Why are you wearing your red gloves?", "What would happen if I ate my banana skin?", "How does an aeroplane fly?" and most parents will likely be asked something like: "How was I made?" at some point. For parents of surrogate or donor-conceived children, questions [...]

Is Donor Conception one of the Greatest Gifts?

Through their generous gesture, egg and sperm donors often make a huge impact on families who are trying to conceive. However, there is currently more demand than supply for donor conception treatment, especially for egg donors. In light of this, Fertility Help Hub has asked The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) to explain [...]

What To Do After Experiencing Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is a hard enough experience without the added mystery of why it is happening. Finding a solution to recurrent pregnancy loss is challenging, because there are just so many factors that can contribute to it. For this reason, The Ribbon Box have turned to leading US fertility clinic, ORM Fertility to [...]

Could a Beauty and Muscle Ingredient Help those With Low Ovarian Reserve?

How a beauty and muscle treatment ingredient (PRP) could solve two of the most difficult fertility issues. Here on Fertility Help Hub, we have collaborated with the New England Fertility Institute to discuss new and inspiring medical research, looking into platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and its connection in solving uterine lining thinness (womb lining) and low [...]

Single Gay Man is Becoming a Dad Thanks to Surrogacy Overseas

Today on Fertility Help Hub, we're super excited to speak with Marvin Lemmen, from the Netherlands. Marvin is a single gay intended parent (IP), who is currently trying to have a baby via gestational surrogacy. He's sharing his fertility / surrogacy journey to date, in the hope that it will break stigma and inspire other [...]

10 Celebs You Didn’t Know Struggled with Infertility

Photo credit: Here on Fertility Help Hub, to show you you're not alone, we have listed 10 celebrities who have struggled with infertility. These are ten U.S. celebrities who have travelled their own unique fertility journey to parenthood, including IVF, surrogacy, baby loss and adoption. These celebrities have shared their experiences in the hopes of [...]

How Long Does the IVF Process Take?

Depending on different factors, IVF will take weeks, and surrogacy will take months. Today on Fertility Help Hub, we hear from Dr Guy Ringler, from California Fertility Partners, who guides us through stages and timings of the IVF process, as well as surrogacy. Words by Dr. Ringler | @californiafertilitypartners This is one of the [...]

Fertility Answers – Anna’s Story of Recurrent Baby Loss and Surrogacy Abroad

In today’s fertility blog, we hear Anna Buxton’s trying to conceive journey, from miscarriages, IVF and being diagnosed with Asherman’s Syndrome, to having three children via surrogacy. Here is where Anna has found vocation. Hear Anna’s personal fertility story, from process, gaining fertility answers, family decisions, to what she wished she had known at the […]

Surrogacy Abroad with Extraordinary Conceptions – Emily’s Story

Surrogacy experts and trusted partners of Fertility Help Hub, Extraordinary Conceptions, have written for us about surrogacy abroad. Hilary Smith, who deals with International Client Relations at Extraordinary Conceptions, discusses the important topic of surrogacy abroad and how Extraordinary Conceptions helps to work with both parties involved, to ensure that you are matched with trustworthy […]

NY Surrogacy Law – What are the Rules?

This week on Fertility Help Hub, we hear from surrogacy experts, Extraordinary Conceptions, on gestational surrogacy in New York, and the latest surrogacy laws. Words by Extraordinary Conceptions – Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency | @extraordinaryconceptions Surrogacy in NY hasn’t always been a straightforward concept. Until recently, it was illegal to undergo paid surrogacy […]

Why Surrogacy? The Most Common Reasons

  We have many Fertility Help Hub readers coming to us, looking at third party reproduction to help them have a family. Donor conception and surrogacy is becoming a much more widely accepted and discussed route to parenthood. For this reason, we’ve turned to our partner Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency, Extraordinary Conceptions, to find […]


10 inspiring stories from celebrities who have struggled to conceive

Banner images source: The Hollywood Reporter The conversation around infertility is growing, and it’s all thanks to those who are adding their personal, inspiring stories to the mix. Here are some of our favourite celebrity infertility stories that have inspired hope among those trying to conceive and normalised the topic at large. Of course let’s [...]

Fertility Treatment Costs – The Ultimate Breakdown

It’s no secret that private fertility treatment is expensive, and so it’s crucial to gain an understanding of what you can expect to pay for the most common procedures. In this piece, we reveal the price of fertility treatment in the UK, including pre-treatment consultations and investigations; treatment packages like IVF, IUI, FET, egg freezing, [...]
Egg Donation and Surrogacy Say Hello to Two Dads.U.K

Egg Donation & Surrogacy – Say Hello to Two Dads.U.K.

As anyone reading this fertility blog may know, fertility comes in all shapes and sizes, no matter what your sex or sexual preference is – every situation and need is unique. Here at The Ribbon Box, we talk a lot about using an egg / sperm donor or needing a surrogate for medial reasons, but [...]
Egg Donation and Surrogacy in the US

Egg donation and surrogacy in the US – top myths busted, with an expert team

Donor conception is woven into the fabric of The Ribbon Box. Our founder and CEO Eloise is mom to five sperm donor-conceived children, and over the years we've interviewed hundreds of amazing people navigating and working in the world of donor conception. Today, we're picking up with premier fertility concierge service Donor Concierge™ covering a [...]

Surrogacy – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Ask a Surrogate

The laws on surrogacy vary between different countries, and in the USA also differ from state to state. The following article and surrogacy interview is from a contributor, and therefore her answers apply to her state laws. Please check the surrogacy situation in your own state or country. Sometimes the route to becoming a parent [...]


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