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3 top tips for staying sane during IVF – Expert Q&A

FEATURING Sher Fertility Solutions  |   19 Oct 2022

Preparation, numbers fatigue and building a support network

Whether this is your first, second or twelfth round of IVF, going through this process can be bruising to your mental health. Even if it’s just a case of getting confident with your meds, tips to prep in advance can really help to smooth the experience, once you hit ‘go’.  

Dr Drew Tortoriello – medical director at the pioneering boutique NYC and Las Vegas-based clinic Sher Fertility Solutions – joins TRB founder and CEO Eloise to cover absolutely everything you can do now, to work towards an easier, more manageable IVF cycle. 

Watch now for Dr Tortiello’s top tips, based on a wealth of world-leading clinical  experience, and patient-centric care. We asked about: 

  • shifting your mindset, when approaching treatment
  • preparing for IVF side effects, and injections
  • learning to administer your medications yourself 
  • staying on top of medications, dosages and planning your protocol
  • preparing for transfer 
  • knowing what’s beyond your control, and being at peace with that
  • recommendations for counseling, therapy and other support 
  • supplement support

Plus, so much more. Read up on Dr Tortoriello’s absolute top 3 tips for making IVF easier too for even more expert insight. 

Keen to talk next steps with Dr Tortoriello’s team? Get in contact today for pioneering, patient-first care and put a plan in place. 

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