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Choosing a Fertility Clinic | What to ask and expect at your first consult

FEATURING Trianglen Fertility Clinic  |   15 Jun 2023

We’re joined Dr Bettina from Trianglen Fertility Clinic to talk through everything you need to know when choosing a fertility clinic.

Gain valuable insights on selecting your ideal fertility clinic, including factors like success rates, medical staff qualifications, treatment options, and reputation.

Get an insight into the appointment experience, and hear what happens during fertility clinic visits. From initial consultations and diagnostic tests to personalized treatment plans and ongoing support, Dr Bettina helps to demystify the stages of the process, and really outline the gold standard of care you should look for.

Finally, hear Dr Bettina expand your perspectives and potential choices in your fertility journey. Learn the potential advantages of international clinics and seeking treatment abroad, such as access to advanced technologies, cost savings, and broader treatment options.

Looking to learn more and curious about how to prepare for your first appointment? Read Trianglen’s must-know tips for preparing for your first appointment.

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