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Emilia’s 5 Tips for Endometriosis when Trying to Conceive

30 Aug 2021

Endometriosis and Trying To Conceive

Emilia Victoria lives with endometriosis – an illness that causes tissue similar to the one that lines the uterus to grow in other areas such as the ovaries and Fallopian tube. In the 11 years it took Emilia to be diagnosed, she was told she was just “unlucky” to have painful periods and even had her stomach pain dismissed as “bad constipation” at hospital. She underwent a laparoscopy and excision surgery three years ago that revealed her endometriosis was stage two, nearly stage three. This experience has now prompted Emilia to document her life with endometriosis on Instagram.

In this video, she shares her top 5 tips for people suffering from endometriosis when trying to conceive. Check it out….


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