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Everything Donor Conception – with Sheri Sturniolo

13 Jun 2020

Mother Via Embryo Donation

Later in the week we had a natter with the author of excellent children’s book series ‘You Were Made For Me’, Sheri Sturniolo. She tells us about her painful, personal long and drawn-out journey to conceive using embryo donation. Sheri went through multiple failed IVF cycles with her own eggs and those of an egg donor, before finally being gifted success via embryo donation. We got cut off half way through a brilliant conversation which was a shame, so we will be back! Message us if you want any particular questions or topics covered.

In the meantime, Sheri recently wrote for us all about her personal trying to conceive journey, as well as telling us about her children’s book series. I read them to my sperm donor conceived children a lot and they’re certainly some of the best supporting books around.

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