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Fertility Facts Vs. Fiction

27 Jun 2021

Fertility Myths Debunked

Watch as Eloise, founder and editor of Fertility Help Hub, is joined by top US fertility specialist, Dr Samantha Pfeifer, from Weill Cornell Fertility Institute in New York, who answers our reader questions on all kinds of fertility topics.

Do you know what’s true and what’s false?

From weight affecting IVF success, to sex and organisms, fertility treatment and pregnancy myths debunked. Tune in as we discuss whether the following are true or false:

  • Being overweight contributing to IVF failing
  • Caffeine being bad for fertility
  • Lifting your legs in the air after sex makes conception more likely
  • Freezing eggs / embryos at 40 being worth it
  • Following a miscarriage you’re more fertile

Dr Pfeifer helped Eloise and her husband have their three sperm donor conceived children, so it’s always a pleasure to feature her expertise on our Hub.

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