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A Fertility Specialist Answers Your Questions About Endometriosis

25 Mar 2022

Do you have any of these questions about endometriosis?

  • What is endometriosis and what are its symptoms?⁠
  • What’s it like to live with endometriosis?
  • Can I still get pregnant with endometriosis?
  • Do you need a laparoscopy before an embryo transfer if you have endometriosis?⁠
  • What are the similarities between endometriosis and adenomyosis?⁠

Don’t worry –  many people in our Fertility Help Hub community are asking similar questions!

Watch as FHH’s Founder (Eloise) interviews fertility specialist, Dr. Smikle (from Laurel Fertility Care) all about endometriosis. Laurel Fertility Care is based in the Bay Area in San Francisco, offering personalized fertility treatment to all in their care (view their profile here and check out their website here).

Together, Eloise and Dr. Smikle discuss endometriosis symptoms and what to ask your doctor or fertility specialist for an endometriosis diagnosis. They also cover how endometriosis can affect fertility and IVF chances, and endometriosis treatment options.

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