How Mindfulness can help when TTC

FEATURING Fiercely Fertile  |  21 Feb 2023

We chat with Angela Shaba, PhdD, sports performance counselor and founder of Fiercely Fertile, to cover all things mindfulness & fertility:

  • What’s a ‘fertility mindset’?
  • What is mindfulness?
  • Fertility and mindfulness – why is it a powerful tool and how?
  • Why is IVF so stressful? How do you help people have a balanced mental approach – for IVF
  • What is fertility coaching, why did you start this? And much more.

Whether you’re just beginning, in treatment, or are returning from taking a break, Angela uses effective, proven strategies to support your fertility journey and your mental health.

Connect with Fiercely Fertile today, for the turn-key in your mind-body approach.

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