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How to Improve Bloating During Fertility Treatment

FEATURING CRGH Fertility Clinic  |   23 Mar 2022

Wondering how to improve the IVF bloat and other side effects?

Watch as TRB Founder (Eloise) speaks with Joanne Whitty (Senior Nurse at CRGH fertility clinic) about how to improve bloating after egg retrieval.

CRGH is a leading fertility clinic based in London, UK. With outstanding IVF success rates, CRGH has helped nearly 12,000 patients go through fertility treatment to build a family. View their profile here and visit their website here.

Watch to:

  • Understand what causes bloating and constipation during fertility treatment.
  • Learn tips on how to reduce IVF bloating, feel less gassy during IVF stimulation injections and ease constipation during egg collection.
  • Discover Joanne’s advice on how to feel less sick and alleviate symptoms of IVF medication.

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