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What You Need to Know About Male Infertility and Fertility Treatment

26 Jan 2022

Often, issues with TTC are lumbered on the woman but there are many reasons why a man may struggle to conceive.

Male fertility factors such as azoospermia, sperm morphology issues and sperm DNA fragmentation can affect the chances of getting pregnant so here, FHH find out what are the causes of male infertility and how are men treated for infertility alongside women?

In this video, discover:

  • causes of male infertility
  • does lifestyle affect male fertility?
  • how much does sperm deteriorate with age?
  • male fertility treatment options
  • when a urologist might be involved in IVF treatment.

Watch the video above in which FHH’s Founder, Eloise, interviews Dr Carole Gilling-Smith (Medical Director & CEO of The Agora Fertility Clinic) and Mr Jonathan Ramsay (Male Fertility Specialist/Urologist) about combined male and female fertility treatments.  

Based in Brighton, The Agora Fertility Clinic rank at the number one spot for London and the South East for IVF Live Birth per embryo (published by the HFEA).  Championing education and information throughout the fertility treatment process, patients are in excellent hands with The Agora – view The Agora’s profile here and visit their website here to take the next step in your fertility journey.

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