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8 Jul 2020



The Weekly Round-up

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See what happened this week…

What To Do With Remaining Embryos?

One subject you don’t hear talked about much in the TTC (trying to conceive community), is the heartache of what to do with remaining embryos. When do you decide you’ve completed your family? With the financial clock ticking on frozen embryo storage, how do you decide what to do? We all know what goes into creating this precious embryos, so whatever you decide to do with remaining embryos is not an easy decision.

Who better to talk to about this heartbreaking conundrum than Founder and Co-host of The Fertility Podcast, the brilliant Natalie Silverman. Natalie has one son via IVF and had ‘implications counselling’ to decide what to do with her three remaining embryos, after an agonising two-year prolonged period of not knowing.

Natalie has also recently trained to become a Freedom Formula fertility coach – it’s worth hearing about coping strategies and how she can help.


Male Infertility and Fertility Treatment During Covid-19

To end the week, we spoke with the lovely Dr Esther Marban from Clinica Tambre in Madrid, Spain.

They recently wrote the most insightful article for Fertility Help Hub, all about male infertility, which has been an incredibly popular read:

Male Infertility – Calling all Fathers-In-Waiting – Everything You Need to Know about Male Factor Fertility by Clinica Tambre

Playback our chat below where Dr Marban answers questions LIVE and covers:

  • Male Supplements for Fertility
  • Male Infertility and Age
  • Male Infertility Diet and Lifestyle
  • Can Male Infertility be Reversed / Treated?
Dr. Esther Marbán copia.jpg

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