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Masterclass: Which fertility treatment is right for me?

30 Jun 2022

It all depends on your situation and fertility profile. 

Certain investigations and treatments will work better for some people. Others might find a specific add-on, rather than the IVF they thought they needed, could work best. 

Make sense of the options and which levers to pull, in our live Masterclass with Consultant Gynaecologist and reproductive specialist Dr Sotirios Saravelos from Apricity Fertility Clinic

FHH founder Eloise goes into the decision and treatment questions you’ve been asking – join the FHH tribe now for more TTC community and chat – including: 

  • do I need fertility treatment?
  • fertility options, and the associated risks
  • the difference between IUI and IVF, and which might be best
  • when to consider ‘add-on’ treatments
  • supplementation
  • natural solutions

Plus, lots more. 

Ready for next steps? Speak to the experts at Apricity UK, book a consultation and start building your bespoke fertility treatment plan. 

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