Mother’s Day after miscarriage: What to do after a loss, according to a psychologist

Nitika Ahuja  |   FEATURING The Fertility Psychologist  |   8 Mar 2024

Navigating Mother’s Day after miscarriage

Navigating Mother’s Day after miscarriage or loss can feel really, really hard.

We’re joined by Marie Prince, aka. The Fertility Psychologist to chat through practical coping tips in preparation.

Together, we cover:

  • Dealing with triggering scenarios around Mother’s Day: know how to navigate this day with sensitivity and self-care. 
  • Managing difficult emotions and sitting with our feelings: we share strategies to help you embrace the space to sit with your feelings. 
  • Coping with loss and grief: Dr. Marie shares tips on how to nurture yourself while acknowledging your feelings.
  • Tips to support a friend: supporting a friend or a loved one who has experienced miscarriage requires empathy and understanding. Watch now for tips on how to offer acts of kindness. 
  • And much, much more

From self-care practices to seeking professional support, our insights in this IG live will offer a comprehensive guide for navigating an emotionally charged time with resilience. 

Want more support, in the lead-up to Mother’s Day, and beyond? Connect with Dr. Marie Prince at The Fertility Psychologist to download her support packs and journal prompts for FREE & book a group, couples or one-to-one session. 

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