Nutrition and supplements for endometriosis – key ingredients for supporting symptoms & fertility

19 Mar 2024

The nutrition and supplements for endometriosis 101

If we’re looking to factor endometriosis into our supplement regime, which key ingredients are particularly beneficial, especially if we’re looking to manage fertility concerns as well?

And, specifically, which supplements for endometriosis should we look for, to get real, targeted support?

We’re back with team Zita West Products, for a proper deep dive.

A senior nutritionist talks supplements for endometriosis

We’re joined by expert nutritionist, Isabelle Obert from Zita West Products who helps us uncover which supplements to take to support and relieve endometriosis symptoms.

Watch as we cover:

  • Why targeted nutritional support is so key for managing day-to-day symptoms of endometriosis
  • Foods to avoid or maybe just have less of, if you have endo
  • The recommended dietary patterns for those with endometriosis

We also get into the nitty gritty key ingredients to factor into our supplement routine, including:

  • How omega-3’s can support endometriosis
  • The powerful antioxidants to try
  • What to take for hormonal imbalances associated with endometriosis
  • What else we might want to keep topped up, nutrients-wise, if we’re tying to conceive with endo

For all the support in one, check out the Zita West Endometriosis Support Pack, plus the extended product range.

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Want to hear more about fertility nutrition from Zita West Products and the lovely Isabelle?

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