This Week’s LIVES – Amber’s PCOS IVF Journey / Q&A with an Embryologist / Cryos Answer Your Questions

12 Feb 2021



There are under four weeks left to apply for our free IVF / donor sperm initiative, ‘Fertility Clinics vs. Covid’ (ends 10th March 2021). If you haven’t already, you can read more about it and apply now, wherever you are in the world. Fear not, Covid travel restrictions have been taken into consideration. Read more about exemption periods for our seven participating fertility clinics and sperm donor bank via the link below, all is clearly detailed in their T&Cs.

As you may have seen already, if you follow us on Instagram (which I suggest you do!), we create lots of mega useful video content with our fertility experts and those also on the TTC / IVF journey. We also go ‘LIVE’ on Insta a couple of times a week and cover an array of fertility topics and shared community stories.

Here is a Recap of Week Three

Amber’s Personal Journey & Campaigning for IVF

Watch above as we were joined live by the lovely Amber Izzo, who shares her six-year TTC (trying to conceive) journey, starting from feelings following an infertility and PCOS diagnosis, to coping with difficult comments. Amber is also working wonders to bring about change with the IVF postcode lottery.

A big thanks to Amber for featuring in our Fertility Clinics vs. Covid launch film and for being an ambassador for the seven free rounds of IVF and one round of donor sperm we’re currently giving away.

Q&A with Embryologist – I Like My Eggs Fertilised

Watch highly skilled embryologist, Kristen, in Perth Australia, answering multiple questions about Day 3 embryos, Day 5 embryos & Day 6 embryos / success rates. We discuss transferring one or two embryos and extras such as PGT (pre-genetic testing) and embryo glue, as well as awesome tips for pre & post transfer.

Kristen is one of our 17 campaign ambassadors for our current FREE IVF / donor sperm giveaway initiative – Fertility Clinics vs. Covid. Thanks, Kristen, for such an informative chat – we will be doing more, as there are so many other topics to cover!

Cryos Talk Donor Sperm Process & Free Sperm

Watch above as we spoke with Mila at Cryos International sperm and egg bank, about how people can go about selecting a sperm donor, considerations for how many straws to buy for fertility treatment (IUI and IVF), as well as thinking about future siblings. We also discuss how Covid has affected sperm donation, but the vast number of sperm donors they still have available to people around the world.

Cryos are giving away FREE sperm as part of our current global initiative.

Hear about amazing book resources and support groups for when picking a sperm donor, and also for when talking to your child about donor conception.

Watch our chat with Klara (patient co-ordinator) at Unica fertility clinic in the Czech Republic.

Hear all about donor conception considerations (egg, sperm, and embryo donation). We also discuss the process for egg / sperm donation and IVF treatment in the Czech Republic, as well as how they’re still currently treating overseas patients during these Covid times and what that means for travel / fertility treatment timings.

Unica fertility clinic are kindly donating a FREE cycle of IVF as part of our free IVF/donor sperm initiative, which is running until 10th March.

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