The Luna Test, and when to consider prenatal genetic testing – Expert Q&A

FEATURING Luna Genetics  |   2 Dec 2022

The Luna Test, explained

For parents-to-be who’ve been through a lot, waiting for a prenatal test or genetic testing can be incredibly difficult. Luna Genetics Inc. are on a groundbreaking mission to change all of that, with the non-invasive Luna Prenatal Test, which you can use completely safely from eight weeks of pregnancy. 

Lara Zimmerman, From Luna Genetics, caught up with TRB founder and CEO – and IVF mama – Eloise this week, to cover the Luna Test, what it can do and the importance of being informed, as early as possible, in pregnancy. 

Watch now, for details on: 

  • Who can use the Luna Prenatal Test, and how
  • When and why to consider prenatal genetic testing
  • Balanced Translocation
  • Working with your fertility or care team, to use the Luna Test 
  • Testing timelines

Plus, lots more. Watch now and speak to your doctor today about using the Luna Prenatal test . 

Head to Luna Genetics to learn more, and order your test today

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