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Recurrent Implantation Failure & Immunology | Expert Deep Dive

19 Jan 2023

Recurrent implantation failure – why it happens and how to deal with it

Dr Manuel Izquierdo from IVF Life, a leading European fertility clinic, explains why implantation can fail, what tests are available and how it can be treated.

Some of the key points Dr Izquierdo addresses:

  • What is repeated implantation failure?
  • What factors caused implantation failure?
  • How common is implantation failure?
  • How are embryos graded – what makes an embryo ‘good quality’?
  • What are the first steps to treating implantation failure?
  • What further treatments are available?
  • How invasive are treatments?
  • Do antihistamines affect treatment efficacy?

IVF Life know how patients feel, especially following previous failed cycles, so they carefully study and outline the best approach to your fertility care. Get in touch with their amazing team for a friendly consultation and to discuss your next steps.

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