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Resources that can Shorten the Time to Pregnancy

6 Jun 2022

Are you trying to conceive and looking for tools and resources to help you get pregnant?

Watch this fertility masterclass Q&A in which FHH Founder (Eloise) speaks with Leeaf app’s CEO and Founder (Jan Choma) and Professor Luciano Nardo.

Leeaf (view their profile here and website here) is a complete app solution for optimising your fertility, maximising chances of natural conception and planning fertility treatment alongside your fertility specialist.

In this video:

  • Learn what AI (artificial intelligence) is
  • Discover how AI can help you get pregnant
  • Gain free resources to speed up natural conception and support your fertility treatment journey
  • Find out how this data informs your fertility specialist for personalised treatment

Download the Leeaf fertility app today.

Click here for Apple downloads and to download on Android, click here.

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