Surrogacy Process – Interview With a Three Time Surrogate

12 Nov 2020

What It’s Like Being A Surrogate & The Surrogacy Process Demystified

This week, we were delighted to interview a three-time surrogate for Extraordinary Conceptions Agency, Kristie Baysinger, from the USA.

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Watch as Kristie talks candidly about what made her decide to become a surrogate, those she has helped, the surrogacy process and how she picked which surrogacy agency to work with.

Kristie tells us her personal feelings on compensated surrogacy vs altruistic surrogacy, as well as her relationship with the intended parents (IPs) she’s helped in China. We gain insight into how surrogacy agency, Extraordinary Conceptions guided her through the process and the emotional support put in place to help with the birth and handing over the baby following the birth.

Our burning question, was whether she had a decision on how many embryos to transfer and what the births were like. Watch to hear her tips and advice for anyone thinking of going down the surrogacy route to have a family and equally, for anyone considering becoming a surrogate.

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How Can Extraordinary Conceptions Help You?

  • As well as being delightfully friendly and experienced, EC and SLC work extremely hard to make dreams a reality. Their personal touch and care is second to none. Hear their takeaway message for anyone going through fertility treatment, looking for a fertility clinic / agency to get the surrogacy / egg donation process started and for help with the legalities that come with it.

  • They also have country representatives accessible around the world, to help take care of the process.

  • If you’d like to find out more and register with Extraordinary Conceptions for free, click here.

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