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Surviving the two week wait (spoiler – you need your support network)

12 Oct 2022

Surviving the two week wait – holding tight to your team

Bonzun IVF is the personalised IVF app, specifically designed to increase treatment success rates through mind-blowing tech, and the latest evidence-based research. That’s the bells and whistles, but behind the tech is CEO and Founder Bonnie Roupé, who built and launched Bonzun IVF after her own life-threatening pregnancy complications.

Today, Bonzun IVF is white-labelled and used by fertility clinics around the world to support patients through their treatment. Excitingly, it features the option to clone your profile, treatment plan and journey, allowing you to share exactly what’s happening with your partner and/or support network.

FHH CEO and Founder – and IVF mum of three, Eloise, caught up with Bonnie this week, to talk through:

  • connection and loving support during the two week wait
  • coping mechanisms, from making lists together, to completing daily tasks
  • Bonzun IVF’s in-app cognitive behavioural programme support

The 2WW is tough. And for us on the team who’ve been through it (too many times), this is everything we wish we’d had at the time, to get us through.

Try a free 10 day trial of the Bonzun IVF app, and tag us in your stories! 

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