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How Can Thyroid Problems Affect Fertility?

10 Jan 2022

Thyroid and Fertility

As part of Thyroid Awareness Month in the States, FHH Founder, Eloise speaks with Dr Smikle at Laurel Fertility Care.  Dr Smikle is a fertility specialist and the Medical Director of this boutique fertility clinic in San Francisco.  Find Laurel’s partner profile here and visit the Laurel Fertility Care website by clicking here.

Watch the Q&A video above to find out:

  • what is an underactive thyroid?
  • what is an overactive thyroid?
  • what causes thyroid problems?
  • can thyroid problems cause fertility problems?
  • how can thyroid problems affect fertility?
  • the thyroid’s effect on fertility
  • ideal thyroid levels for fertility
  • … and so much more.

If you’re looking for high-quality fertility treatment with personalised care, book an appointment with the team at Laurel Fertility Care here.

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