Erin’s Trying To Conceive Journey – 10 Years of Infertility

2 Sep 2021

10 Years of Infertility

Chatting 10 Years of infertility and multiple treatment with @mybeautifulblunder – Over the course of 10 years, Erin has gone through multiple IUIs, a reduction from triplets (due to medical concerns), IVF and baby loss.

Erin kept her trying to conceive journey quiet for over two years, but as a result found herself feeling alone and angry at the world. When she started to become aware of even the smallest references to IVF, she suddenly felt a connection, and a sense of belonging. So she started to write, and felt relief in sharing her story with others, in the hope that she could help them get through the trails and tribulations of trying to conceive. In this video, we discussed talking to our children about IVF, and our personal experiences of that…


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