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Tubal factor infertility FAQs

Nitika Ahuja  |   FEATURING Femasys  |   7 Apr 2024

Understanding tubal factor infertility: the essential FAQ

We had the pleasure of chatting with Kathy Lee-Sepsick, the Founder of Femasys, to learn about the signs and symptoms of tubal factor infertility.

We also chat through the Femasys testing and diagnostics product, FemVue – this  groundbreaking device allows your doctor to easily check your fallopian tubes in-office as part of your initial infertility work-up.

Your questions about tubal factor infertility

  • Recognizing signs and symptoms: fallopian tubal blockages may go unnoticed as they don’t present with signs.
  • Exploring links to pelvic conditions: Kathy tells us how they’ve introduced an excellent diagnostic product that facilitates assessments of fallopian tube health. Once we fully understand the connections to pelvic conditions, it can help us in comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Navigating your options: armed with insights from FemVue, you can explore tailored treatment options.
  • Promoting your empowerment: educating yourself and being aware will play a crucial role in empowering you to navigate your fertility journey with confidence.

Once you’re informed, have access to innovative diagnostics like FemVue, and are part of a collaborative care team, you can take bigger strides toward overcoming tubal factor infertility. And we, at TRB, are committed to supporting you every step of the way!

Learn more about the FemVue test on the Femasys website, and access education, support with initiating conversations with your healthcare provider, and more.

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